Jan 30, 2007

here are the latest of the bird party series. I'm currently working on accompany cards that indlue a story of each scene. A small glimpse of the partial insanity that goes through my head as I watch the little fellas out in my yard.

Jan 29, 2007

Gallery Opening

here is the info for the Bird Show in Monkton

Jan 27, 2007

More of the bird parties

A gallery in Monkton, Md is having a bird show and my pillows have been invited to the party. Up to nine pillows have been requested..so far six are ready to attend. Thinking of a story to accompanied each with their own little booklet. We shall see how much gets accomplish between work and sleep!
Check out the latest 3..notice Mr. Owl got a new beak.

Jan 16, 2007

Hail Hail to the Captain!

I've been searching on You Tube lately for some good childhood memories and I found myself looking at Captian Kangaroo. I wanted to post this episode from 1968. The beginning is so corney and yet strange. I forgot how dry the Captain can be. No wonder I got so mad when my mom talk to us in her Snow White voice! The Captain. didn't patronize nor belittle us...even when we were 3!

i love the pattern of the door! This set brings up such great memories

Mr. Owl

Jan 1, 2007


My xmas vacation is fastly winding down. I have been quite productive. Started a new line of pillow designs inspired by the bird parties that occur in my back yard. I've had a great time with these. Been drawing out of my bird book, looking very closly at Charles Harper , and reaching back to my childhood, trying to remember how I used to draw birds. I'm hoping to work on a full line of these before spring. Hoping I'll find a venue to get these out to.
chirp chirp