Sep 14, 2006

In the Recoup

I always seem to forget about the big let down. The depression that occurs when you work so hard in your studio. Working towards a show, working day and night, and then….its done. Out of the studio, out of the house. Hanging in some stranger’s house. People drinking and eating and saying god knows what about my work. Or worst, not even noticing it. You don’t know.
You have the big opening. The cheese plate and the wine and the beer that you have to drink to cover up the nervousness. The fact that you keep thinking of all the invites you sent out and who said they were coming. They don’t all come of course. I am guilty of that one, so I can’t be angry. I am very happy by my guests. Even some wonderful unexpected guests! People from many different period of my life. The ages ran from 4 months on. The babies were wonderful! I think we made the owner’s mother a little nervous. We took over the bar and ordered dinner. I wish I remembered my camera before then to take more pics. But here is the left over gang! The work looked terrific. I know if I painted really bad landscapes or portraits of cute children I would have sold out. I took a closer look at the clientele of the Salt Tavern. A strange hip older crowd.
The work will be up until November, so go see.

Sep 8, 2006

Aprons for sale at the Women's Exchange

The Aprons are now for sale! Along with pillows and sock monkeys. Wendy and I put up the window today,for the Women's Industrial Exchange on Charles Street in good old mobtown, for the month of September. I really love the premise for this place. Check its web site at And go by the window on 333 N. Charles Street. The window will be set up with our items until October 9th.

Sep 4, 2006

more aprons

The studio has now been converted back to the sweatshop. This friday, Wendy Wu and I will be doing the window for the Women's Exchange on Charles street. My aprons, pillows, and sock monkeys will be offically on sale at the Womens' Exchange. Here are three of my newest aprons that I completed this past weekend.

Sep 2, 2006

The Show is UP!!!!

Patrick, Beth and I hanged the show at Salt this morning and it looks great! The colors go so well with the green glow of the lights that hand from the ceiling. We got to hang more than I thought we would. There are eight of the new paintings, i snuck in a self portrait too! Four of the pieces that I completed Spring of 2005 and then some flag paintings that I framed from 2004-05. They look good in that environment. Now I have stark walls in my studio. I had Elsy hanging in my living room and it really looked great there. So I priced it at $1200 , as well as Brian (see first blog entries in June) figuring that is the price I could let them go without too much heartache. So if you want an early peek, head on down to Salt for dinner or just a drink. Don't forget your pockeybook though.