Oct 27, 2006

New and Improved

Here are my last posts for stuff I'm trying to sell..then I"ll get back to more interesting posts. Here are my new line in Aprons. I re-vamped the vintage apron with heavier ,more modern design fabrics . The straps around the neck actually button instead of tie. I think the knot behind the neck is not the most comfortable in closures. I also made some really nice reversable, heavy duty bib aprons. The reverse side is made of denim, in either dark gray or blue. Two front pockets and an adjustable strap with the old over-alls clip. I'll be selling these along with my paintings and bags at the Mill Center in Hampden on November 18 and 19th. from noon to 5 each day. Look for me and my friend Tricia Lane on the second floor. We'll be out in the hallway somewhere.
Again, let me know if you're interested in any of these or would like to commission a bag , apron, etc.

Oct 23, 2006

Brian Bags

Allison Bags

All $45 bags have interior zip pockets with complmentary color siding and zippers, 3 accessory pockets and exterior pocket. $35 bags has 2 accessory pockets.
Email me to order by clicking envelop next to comments.

Oct 22, 2006

Flowers, Quik Boy and Lucienne Bags

The flowers bag has an interior zip pocket, as well as 3 accessory plus one other inside pocket. Outside flower design is also a pocket. Quik Boy also has zip and 3 accessory pockets as well as outside pocket. Red Lucienne Day tote has interior zip and acessory pockets.

Elsy Totes for Sale

Elsy Totes : The one that is sold is a two pocket design, A red pocket with the black line drawing of Elsy is on the reverse. Can be duplicated for $45. $35 totes only have the three inside accessory pockets. The $45 also has a zip pocket along with the 3 pockets. The two Elsy prints are also pockets.

Oct 9, 2006

New Jenny Jen Products

New from Jenny Jen...the attractive utilitarian tote bag. Tall bags with zipper inside pocket and three accessory pockets. Wider bags with three accesory pockets. Silkscreen favorites: Allison, Brian and Elsie. Olive green, cardhardt gold and silver gray. More to come!
Put your order in today. Up coming shows: MAEA c conference at Towson University’s Fine Art building: October 20 and Open House at the Mill Center: November 17 and 18th.

Also coming: apron made of heavier fabric! Aprons and Pillows are still for sale at the Women’s Industrial Exchange on Charles Street. Or anytime: Special order: 410-206-8400 or email me at j.mcbrien@verizon.net

Oct 1, 2006

more picthas

Had to post more of these. That strange guy with the hand motioning stop was the photographer.
Next post...Vegas!

Wedding Season

September begins another wedding season. Our great friends Chris and Emily have made the big jump into matrimony with a big shindig of an event. The ladies started the weekend with karaoke down at Cross Street Market...the big pick-a-me-up a rowdy college dude territory. Horrible for bad flash backs of the 80's college days. Anyway, the night was full of Emily's female friends and relatives. Many from the protest days of the feminist days, anti-Regan and banning the bomb era. Great bunch of gals singing songs like "The Age of Aquarius" and Emily's best rendition of "War, ugh! What is good for"? I don't think those college types knew what to think about us! Unfortunately I did not bring the camera but hoping maybe someone will forward me some.

The big event occurred on Sunday at the Cloister's. A beautiful setting for a beautiful event. Great group of people! Lots of dancing. I truly found my partner in the cheese ball dancing troupe! I actually married him.

Here are some great pics that cheesy dancer. Enjoy