Jan 26, 2011

Nothing like a SNow DAy in the SweatSHop

YEAh!!!! A day off to shovel some snow and get caught up on some household chores and a little work in the sweatshop. I'm really liking these wall hangings. Here is one more. Now I'm off to get myself snowed in (for round two) with my English lad and a bottle of Sofia Coppola ! Here's the latest of my wall hangings.

Jan 23, 2011

Water Tower Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging #2.....

Jan 22, 2011

Wall Hangings....what's new in the sweatshop!

I have really enjoyed this sketchbook project and getting myself to draw more. Everyday, if I can. And I have really enjoyed drawing with my sewing machine. So.....new this year...wall hangings....where I can concentrate on the drawing aspect and not have to get all stressed out over the construction of the hand bag or the pillow. My first one is here.....Crow Season.

Jan 17, 2011

it gets put in the mail tomorrow!

I'm done!!!1 All whatever pages of my sketchbook ...sent to Brooklyn. I'm thinking this was a great way to get my artistic guns going! So Glad I did it. Will do it again!!! Here are some more shots....from jackets, blankets and sheets!

The Sketchbook project

Some times we really need a creative push. The challenge of making new work that grows and shows progress as you create your line becomes a creative endeavor every year. As an art student, I had a love hate relationship with the assignments given to me by my various art professors. The hate occurred when I couldn't come up with a creative, enjoyable solution to the problem at hand. The love was accomplishing and completing the task as well as finding the many creative and artistic solutions. I decided I needed some sort of assignment to work on, to get my creative juices flowing. I found this incredible project called the Sketchbook Project. Created by the Art House Co-op out of Brooklyn New York. The Sketchbook project is open to anyone willing to take on the task and willing to pay a meager $20. The task is to fill up a moleskin sketchbook that follows a particular theme. The themes are all very creative. Some a bit challenging. I decided to let the computer pick my theme for me (you can pick a theme from the list, or have the computer gods select one for you). My theme is Jackets, blankets and sheets. I am down to my last week before I send it off. It then goes on a tour across the nation and gets catalogued and a permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library. Check out their site here for more info, other art house co-op projects as well as many of the sketchbook entries! Images are from BEST members : Tricia Lane's sketchbook Science Projects Gone Wrong , Jennifer McBrien's sketchbook: Jackets, Blankets and Sheets and Megan Van Wagoner's sketchbook : "...you'd be home by now"

Jan 6, 2011

Migration Installation

saw this at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh and fell in love