Apr 29, 2007

bling bling

a set of bling bling chairs by Beka and Ben! bring some bling bling to purchase this set!

peas and carrots at Artscape!!!!

hurray!!! tricia and i are so happy to announce that our collaboration peas and carrots will be at the ArtistMarket at Artscape this year, July 20-22., at Mt. Royal in Baltimore...here's our promo:
Local artists, Jen McBrien and Tricia Lane, go together like peas and carrots! Jen McBrien's narrative pillows for the home, retro aprons, and stylish bags have decorative and functional value. While, Tricia Lane's stenciled shopping, lunch and book bags are great for any green-minded person on the go. These designs are so fresh, some might say they have nutritional value!

birdie chair

well i actually painted my chair yesterday while watchng "notes on a scandal"....therefore i had to paint something cheerie to take up for the evil judy dench. anyway i tried to make my birdies in an uncompromising position.

Apr 27, 2007

de ja' vu

so, yesterday , my friend Alessandra and I were talking about finding so many designers out there that are stealing our ideas...not literally, but feeling like as soon as we get a certain idea, we find someone else doing it. like a strange de ja' vu or iconic vision. are there so many of us on the same page? as a painter i was always looking at mentor artists for ideas but was always able to come up with my own ideas that could be associated with other artists, but never felt like i was copying what i saw. but this new art of craft has this face so familiar that we all see the same thing? not really sure how to put what i'm thinking...but we all do sketches...we look and see and find tons of work we love....certain subjects, especially birds are big now....i absolutly love them..hence my new bird line. but making new images without feeling like i'm copying is getting quite tough in this field. anyway, here are some great pillow by threesheets that were posted on design*sponge, by another jenny....i really love these even though they remind me , perhaps too much like Lucienne Day as well as many of my doodles in my sketchbook. You can check out more about Lucienne Day here.

the meekins chair

here is yet another chair design by PHS alumni David Meekins, class of '05. nice padding dave!

Apr 26, 2007

flower chair

another one of our chair-e-ty entries from a PHS alumni , Annett Deamond, '70! flower power !!! we could use some of that now!

Apr 25, 2007

looking for new peoples

design*sponge posted work by one of her favorite Brooklyn artists:dan-ah Kim. my students should all look at her silkscreens....since this is what they are doing now ...so go look and get inspired! now

waiting for louie

so i'm very depressed having to take louie to the vet and having him stay there until friday. vets should have visiting rooms and petting times so i can go visit and see him. ...give him scratchies and listen to his stories. louie is a big talker. poor chuckie is moaping around, with the rest of us. there there Chucks, louie will be home soon!

Apr 24, 2007

Tricia's Chair

Here is the first chair pics that I've received for our chair-e-ty next Thursday. I love the fact that the wooden parts show through in the negative. Nice Job Tricia!

Apr 19, 2007

chair-e-ty...save the date!

save the date for May 3rd....Parkville HS is having a chair-e-ty to raise money for our art scholarship fund. we keep churning out more and more future art students, many actually wanting to be art teachers, so we thought we would try to raise our amounts of what we give to our very hard working dedicated, graduating art students. the chair-e-ty is an auction of wooden "retired" chairs that have been artistically manipulated by Parkville High Alumni Artists, as well as staff and area artists. Carroll Cook, photo teacher at the Carver Center for the Arts, is celebrating his 40th. high school reunion by being our guest speaker, as well as one of the chair artist. Other chair artists include Jonathon Maxwell,Duane Sabiston,Marcia Metzler,Denise Webster,Tricia Lane, James Bullough,Christina Gagliano,Angie Dunn,John Deamond, Annett Deamond, Becca Bridges, Amy Reid, Ben Plum, Dave Meekins, Chelsea Grubbs, and current art staff of PHS, myself, Anne Talman, Jim Hesser, Ryan Twentey and Paul Pavik. Chairs will be auctioned via silent auction that will end at 8:30 that evening. Carroll speaks at 7PM, doors open at 6:30. Student artwork will also be displayed...and of course we will also provide refreshments! I will post pictures of chairs as we receive them.

the new sweat shop

this is the busy busy time of year in which a hundred things happen all at once. i wanted to back track a little and show pics of my new sweat shop. the french yellow mustard color has been so uplifting...it's become a favorite of louie's too!

Apr 11, 2007

letter press horray!

Tricia and I just got back from our letterpress extravaganza in Brooklyn NY and became instantly addicted! Now I need to really sell some stuff so I can buy a letterpress! We printed our first set of cards. We’re planning on selling the set as a mixed set of four cards; two from each of us. Kelly was such a sweetheart. We’re hoping to go back up for edition number 2 in the fall.

Tea Towels

doing a little research on printed tea towels..just bought some retro dishtowel yardage to make my own tea towel design. here are some of my favorites i plan to use for inspiration:

earth dish towels

Apr 2, 2007

ham on the brain

so i've been promoted to Easter entertainer for the family...and also appointed ham queen. i'm up for it just never cooked a ham before. i hear it's easy...you're simply re-heating it...get the spiral cut...get the honey glaze....do i put pineapple on it?? Remembering those ham feast pictures with the woman in her glamorous apron and hair do with the beautiful ham with anointed pineapple rings. We’ve finished painting and our rooms..new bedroom and sewing room/office. Awaiting fabric I ordered from cia's. oh so exciting.
Once I’m done I’ll post pics. Otherwise, any advice on the ham…dearly needed please!