Nov 30, 2009

Holiday Heap this Saturday!!

Made it through Bazaart! Thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth! I had a great time this weekend and made lots of sales! Now onto Holiday HEap! I think this is one of my most favorite shows to be in! The audience is wonderful! All smiles and happy-go-lucky shoppers! How could you beat that for a day! I'm busy stocking uo my iron on patches and narrative pillows for this week. Will try to post picts this week ! In the meantime, lok though the vendor list and mark your favorites on your shopping list!

Nov 18, 2009

What I Want for Christmas

Dear Santa,
It's been a pretty rough year. Yet a very busy and productive year. I've been noticing one major item missing from my daily routine in my sweatshop. How perfect could life be with this beautiful turntable sold at Urban Outfitters! My records have been yelling my name since 2002! They need to be played and I need to hear them. So please, Santa, give me this one wish and I'll forgive you for all the sucky gifts of the past.

Nov 17, 2009

My Sweatshop Inspirations

Spent the entire weekend working in my shop with an exception for 3 hours of yard work on Sunday due to the absolutely beautiful sunny mild weather.I wanted to post a pic of my two biggest lucy sitting by the photo of my grandmother who I dedicate my entire jennyjen business to! I love this photo of her working in her garden with her dress and apron on.Such a hard worker and beautiful woman.....I am looking so forward to this holiday craft season which starts this weekend! Please visit the cut the craft facebook page to see all of the vendors. Looks like its gonna be a good one and jennyjen scored a front booth close tot he front door! I get to spend another Philly outing next to zooguu. Another Jen I should mention . We were neighbors at the Philly Squidfire show last month. I'm looking forward to spending more time with these guys! Speaking of Squidfire..look what these guys came up with for advertising for their show this year! How awesome! Looking forward to playing a little indoor soccer while selling some wares at the DuBurns Center in Canton.

Nov 14, 2009


Make your plans today if you are in the Baltimore area during Thanksgiving weekend! At the American Visionary Museum for an evening and one day event. You can Beat the crowds and come that Friday night for an opportunity to get the first shot at the original creations by 50 regional artists and craftspeople prior to the Saturday Bazaart extravaganza. Spend a relaxing evening strolling among Bazaart artisans and their wares while nibbling light fare and enjoying a special beverage. Location: American Visionary Art Museum, Jim Rouse Visionary Center, 3rd Floor. Admission to Preview Party & Sale: $20 at the door.

Saturday • November 28 • 10AM-5PM • FREE ENTRY: BAZAART: Artful Holiday Shopping
American Visionary Art Museum's Annual Holiday Marketplace of original creations by 50 regional artists and craftspeople. Painting, sculpture, paper crafts, metalwork, jewelry, textiles, mixed media, and other work that simply defies categorization! FREE ENTRY. Location: American Visionary Art Museum, Jim Rouse Visionary Center 3rd Floor. Note: Bazaart shoppers are welcome to tour the entire Jim Rouse Visionary Center for Free! Ongoing exhibitions include the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre automata, Baltimore Screen Painters, Emily Duffy's Bra Ball and more.

Jennyjen will be there along with some of her BEST buddies : greenstarstudio & tigerlillyshop

Nov 11, 2009

get ready set go

My schedule has been a crazy one. All I can think about is four weekends in a row of holiday shows! And the first two are two day shows each! So I'm busy making and making and making and actually coming up with new designs on the way. I get bored pretty easy (that high school attention span condition). So I'm sorry I'm not posting as much as I should...but here are some new bags that will be making their way to Philly next weekend!

Nov 7, 2009

today's memory: Ultravox

Memory of the day...been checking out on the way back machine lately and finding more memories. Today's goes well with the polyrock video. I remember watching this video for the first ime at The Marble bar during one of there video viewing nights.

Nov 4, 2009

More Birds on the Wire pillows

All a part of my urban bird pillows series. I've been drawing with my sewing machine! I'm really liking the newer telephone pole designs. Transmitters, wires and all!

Nov 3, 2009

Tea Cozies! New frmo JJ42

I love making tea in my little green tea pot. It makes my day when I'm not in a good mood and it delights my sore throat when its begins to get scratchy. Problem is the tea gets cold before I can finished off the entire pot. Problem solved..tea cozies. I made one for me and had such a great time I had to make more. I love the prospects of the birdies with the tea pot and tea cup and had a great time making the tea bag. Looks like a great holiday present for that tea lover we all know!

Nov 2, 2009

Finished my Holiday Card for '09

After much thought and design options, here is what I came up with for this year's holiday card design. The photo was taken last winter by Patrick for our BEST etsy feature. The back simply has my craft show season's calendar. Email me if you would like to receive one through snail mail with your name and address.

Monday tunes

remember Trees Lounge? when was this? I use to have the soundtrack and this was my favorite song from it...and you can't get it on here it is...happy monday

Nov 1, 2009

and now for something a bit more interesting....

Lawrence Welk Meets Velvet Underground

Found Mixed Tape

This weekend has been very productive in terms of me making my space. I made the living room brighter by hanging some Japanese lantern lights that I had from my previous loft living, took off the dark curtain from the front door to let in the southern light, hanged Elsy in the space that opened up by the book case that left this week, put my space light in the dinning room for more light and hanged my kitschy onion and corn hangers in the kitchen..and then today's project...finding more storage space for my sweatshop. Voila...shelving from the basement became cleaned and back board painted and more space for fabric and well, the organization job from hell....finding the cases for the Cd's so that I could give someone his music back. This seems to be a very traditional and important part of the divorce....never leave your music behind. In organizing the shelving system in the basement to bring one up to the sweatshop, I discovered the crate, box and bag of CD cases. Some had some Cd's I completely forgot about. Most were empty, but some were luckily not. I found this great CD that I made for Patrick when we were first wooing each other. I called it my dark one and I made this awesome case cover. I found it to hit the mood for me by the end of the day. My favorite song, (one which Patrick didn't really appreciate)was one that Milly and I would love to listen to in the dark on those dark days: Velvet Underground's "The Gift". I think it so appropriate for the Baltimore humor.
Here's the song list I wanted to share..I think its a great studio mixed tape:
Jane's Addiction : I Would for You
My Time
Velvet Underground: The Gift
Lady Godiva's Operation
Husker Du : Diane
Minor Threat: Salad Days
Good Guys (Don't Always Wear White)
Cashing In
Massive Attack : Karma Coma
Bauhaus: Bella Lugosi's Dead
Sonic Youth: Tunic
Bauhaus: Waiting for the Man
Nico: I'll Keep Mine
Fugazi: Long Division