Jul 31, 2008

new toys for the boys

before marching off to work this morning i decided to put all of Louie's toys into his "circle of 5" ...mr. grey catnip mouse..his favorite, Mr. piggy, Mr. bear and my green mouse. When we came home we notices the circle of five were all still there. Louie meowing when I asked him what the problem was....he continued to meowed.....I'm figuring it may be time for some new friends. I noticed minjae's etsy's site a bit ago on the front page of etsy that featured cat toys. I think once the fall pay checks come in...teacher summer salary now prevents me from spending mullah.....any who, check these out. I love the tighty whiteties!

20 things you didn't know about me

i'm featured on the baltimore etsy blog today in their 20 things you didn't know about me.
Check it out here.

Jul 28, 2008

have you heard about THe Selby?

I love to be a voyeur. I love seeing where people live and how they manipulate their spaces to express who they are and what they like. Our spaces can really tells us about the person who lives there. I have such a hard time being in people's home's that have no regard to their environment,or is it I simply object to their aesthetic ? well, the selby
is photographer todd selby's recently launched website of his incredible photos of artists, designers and creative personalities in their homes and studios. He takes more than just those fashion interior shots one would expect, but goes a bit beyond the norm. I love the shots from inside the frig as well as shots showing how these people actually live in their spaces. But best of all are the questions he asked in written scribble that are answered back with personal handwriting's and drawings. I picked jean adamson and sam buffa below as one of my favorite posts. I think its the downhill bike as well as the answers for Todd's questions I love the best.

Jul 23, 2008

new pilla's

i'm back to teaching...two weeks of teaching at MICA...great kids....very excited about their progress already..visual thinking through collage and an oil painting class.teaching during the summer is not easy....your brain is turned off in the teaching way and you forget about time...what time is this class over?...and how to critique...and what am i teaching?....apologies kiddies...apologies. we're having a good time. i'll post some great artwork soon. in the meantime..i've made two new pillows and put them in my etsy shop and did not post anything about them on my blog..so here goes...its that summer brain thing again. I've made another birdbath pillow in a smaller version, as well as the clothesline version. I'll have to get back into the sweatshop soon...i have a couple of fall events coming up and then its the big get ready for Christmas rush!

Jul 21, 2008

Biz Ladies coming to B-More

so you know what a design*sponge fan I am. I have to admit I've been looking at other blogs so not to wear Grace out but she has really made me excited now! biz ladies...her event for all artist/designers who are looking into going into business for themselves are invited. Speakers as well as potluck goodies and the companionship of being in the same room with people who all have a similar cause, should be a good motivation to attend. i'm planning on attending as well as some of BEST buddies. For details click here

Jul 19, 2008

allcitizens...finding some etsy finds in Canada

thanks again to poppytalk..in pointing out yet again another great find. Since coming home from Canada, being haunted by the trails I rode that I cannot stop thinking about, and the amazing mountains and nice people and CLEAN AIR...I must admit I am quite attracted to anything Canadian these days...so i like posting about finds I find thanks to other people finding them....and here is a cool one. I'd wish I would teach kids that would make up their own zines....i get the anime kids who I really wish would get a life and find their own voice and characters that don't look alike...and really get creative and make zines about drawing, stories and discovery....teach us something new please...anyway, All Citizens (est. 2007) is a teeny art shop located in the tiny rural town of Bruno, Saskatchewan. All Citizens is owned and operated by artists Serena McCarroll and Tyler Brett. I love the heading on their blog: Two artists move from Vancouver, B.C., population: 2 million, to Dana, Saskatchewan, population: 30. Can they survive rural life? (amendment: two artists barely survive 4 months in Dana and buy a building in nearby Bruno, population: 500)
Their etsy shop has been opened since January with only one sale...so I'd like to boost their shop. I like the idea of offering a package deal, three original zines by Jason McLean with an All Citizens postcard and All Citizens button all for $20. Look these two up...I really admire people who go out on such adventures and endure all obstacles.

snuck away to philly

sorry i haven't posted for a bit. Pat and I went up to Philly to hang out with our buddies Chris and Emily...as well as slim and Oscar! needed a another trip away to make my summer vacation feel long and eventful. I had a strange bout of insomnia for a week. Think my body just wanted to stay on the west coast. Its so strange having sleep problems over your vacation. it took the wonders of night quill to put me back in the regular sleep routine. here's some photos from our trip that Pat took. this weekend is artscape and I am a bit pissed at myself for not doing the diy section of artscape. I could be making some mad loot this weekend. We're making a little bit while working for MICA in their YPS booth making paper bag puppets with the kiddies and sweating up a storm.

Jul 11, 2008

We made the Storque!

Check out our photo in the esty team article section today! we had such a great time being models for the day! Check it out here

zombie mayhem.. a video by Andrew Morris...my nephew!

Jul 10, 2008

Count Down to Double Dutch

we're 4 days away from BEST 's double dutch trunk show on Sunday. Here are samples from the BEST participants...happy shopping!
Fallen Leaf by Jill Popowich Designs
Double Cellular Earrings by Beth Pohlman

Yellow Leaf Broken Plate Pendant with Vintage Dangle Beads by The Broken Plate

one of a kind felt flower brooch, no.6 by Jen Menkhaus

Red Bird Nesting Bracelet by TigerLilyShop

Kiwi Strawberry Cold Process Summer Soap by Spa Therapy

Apple of my Eye by Elisasherejewelry
Fleur by Danelionblu

Mr. Peacock Tote in Navy by Jennyjen42

Jul 9, 2008

Never too soon for Holiday shopping!

Perhaps I am still out of whack and on west coast time...sleeping till 11:30 this morning....drinking my coffee...trying to find something to blog about. I search through my etsy favorites which always take me to a new place. I find myself looking at children's toys and I'm actually thinking about Christmas gifts. I have nieces and nephews that range from 5 years old to 22. Most are in the middle school range and its getting harder to find them unique gifts that are "cool" and I approve of them. My rules are simple: must be from a small business, preferably hand made, and forces some form of creativity...if I can get them outside the better! if I can get them away from the TV stupendous! So I thought I would spend some time before the holidays featuring items and creators of gifts that fit that criteria.
This morning I found Owly Shadow Puppets! out of Chicago. Andrea uses a laser-cutter and mattboard to make these playful shadow puppets.She can even supply lesson plans on how to make shadow puppets so this gift could be accompanied with a day of making your shadow puppets! I love this ideal. My favorite is the yeti! I can only imagine the shadow puppets plays my kookie nieces and nephews will perform with these puppets! A gift that keeps on giving!

Amy Reid at Zoe's Garden

I'm so proud! Amy was one of my students at Parkville. I've been secretly watching her grow at MICA and am so proud of her growth and painting endurance! Her work is featured this month at Zoe's Garden on Fleet Street in Fells Point. Join her at the reception, this Friday, July 11 from 6-9.

Jul 7, 2008

Double Dutch Trunk Show

Double Dutch will play host to BEST this coming Sunday, July 13th for our first ever trunk show! There will be yummy eats and delicious drinks, as well as new work from BEST crafters.

Stop by between 11am and 5pm, meet BEST members, have a snack, and do some shopping. Also, enter to win a $50 gift certificate to Double Dutch for a future shopping spree! (Winner will be notified via email on July 14th, 2008.) We'll see you there!

Participating crafters:

BEST Trunk Show
Sunday, July 13th, from 11am - 5pm
Double Dutch Boutique
3616 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD 21211
[ Map / Directions ]