Apr 30, 2008

tea towels

its that time of the year when spring hits and we think spring cleaning and time to do some sprucing up! with today's tight budget, how about a new tea towel or two to brighten up your kitchen for a small amount of mula. here are a few of my favorites. Happy shopping!
Wash up/dry up tea towel by Mr PS
Blue Coffee Items Flour Sack Tea Towel by Tlane
Borrowed Spoons Tea Towel by Skinnylaminx
French Press Kitchen Towel Set in Red by Moxie Madness
Springtime tea Towel by alisontauber

Apr 28, 2008

assembly of text..shopping Vancouver

so, as i was saying on my last post, I'm going back to the northwest this June. in my very spare time i love to fantasize about my summers...i think all teachers do this....and i'm definitely thinking it can also be a bit of a business trip..so while the guys are riding their bikes at whistler, and i'm just too sore to go back up the mountain, i'm going to do a road trip to Vancouver to visit some of my favorite spots i've been discovering on line. so i thought i would feature some of these here...today's feature, is assembly of text ,
i remember finding their web site and really loving not only the aesthetic of their site, but the functionality of it. they do a great job of featuring every aspect of what they sell and feature in terms of events and groups. Jan of poppytalk was the guest blogger last week on design*sponge and did a great little feature of their shop. Check it out here.

The Regional Assembly of Text is at 3934 Main Street, Vancouver, B.C., V5V 3P2, Canada

Apr 27, 2008

new blog to link...great find

i've been trying to find more time to post, and not just post what i've been making....but about my inspirations and new finds. with each artist or designer i discover, i tend to refine my aesthetic more and more. i know i'm trying to connect with a period of time that i either began my aesthetic choices, or perhaps link with the best times of my life...that being the present and my childhood. strangely enough i find many connections and similarities with the two periods. i fell upon poppytalk thanks to design*sponge and discovered Canadian artists, tangiene pohoko and linh truong with a review of their show until you die, please believe that i am your biggest fan
at blim gallery in vancouver (one of my absolutely favorite places to travel too...should i mentioned i'm going back this summer!) Both artist use functional , metaphorical surfaces for their paintings that tribute their friends and family who have played as subjects in their works for many years.

(paintings on dishes, linh truong)
As poppytalks writes "tangiene has created her tribute using miniature paintings on erasers, recalling her past collected imagery which perpetually expires. linh uses dishes exploring the kitschy, iconic references of commemorative plates and collectibles."

Apr 21, 2008

new eyeglass cases

new cases....great little gifts for Momma!
I'll be posting as I make.

lame on the sneak peaks

this is the time of year when everything is due yesterday and time to think is rare. its getting ready for craft shows, applying for new shows, getting AP kids to stop having senior bad habits and finished their portfolios and work for the Goucher show and budgets and schedules and yada yada yada.... I took a couple of minutes today to look on design*sponge to see lisa congdon 's kitchen. I am a big fan of her work and her aesthetic which really shows through even in the way she arranges the items on her shelves. I know i've promised to do some local sneak peeks and I will soon.... as soon as the seniors leave...promise!

Apr 15, 2008

The Banners are Out

i'm so proud of Patrick and his collaboration with work buddy Sandra Vilevac and their banner design. Check it out here. Along with the rest of the banners here.

Apr 9, 2008

Mark your Calendars!!!

May 10
Squidfire Spring Art Mart
Tricia and I will be there!
As well as others you can check here.

Apr 6, 2008

April Giveaway

Here it is- the eagerly-awaited second BEST giveaway. Featuring an awesome kid's shirt from SweetPepita, made of a repurposed t-shirt and organic cotton; a printed dishtowel from JennyJen42 (why use paper ones?); a notepad from JenyGWen, pendants from Anapurna and GwenWalls, earrings from JillPopowich, headband and bow set from CookiesBowBoutique, a recycled plate ring from TheBrokenPlate, and a brooch from JenMenkhaus.

You know you want it, so sign up now for our mailing list! Winner will be announced on April 26th - good luck!

Apr 2, 2008

Baltimore Magazine gives a boost!

so here it is...Mr. Owl tote in the Baltimore Magazine!