Jul 1, 2015

How far we Have Come!

Little did I know that our weekend in DC would be so celebrated when I booked our stay! We came to celebrate my turning 52, and our marriage of 2 years! How glorious that the Supreme came through and made it possible for all  To get married no matter what sex or gender they may be! We missed seeing the White House in its rainbow glory. Hoping it will stay rain bowed for us to catch it tonight!

Jun 26, 2015

New Cosmetic Bags!

I love having time in my studio to play around and make new products. I heard my audience and have updated my zipper pouches to larger and wider cosmetic bags ! I played with my remnants of decor and barkcloth fabrics to create patchwork durable shells, added fleece and cotton linings to make it more padded and protected. Then adorned with felted birdie birds and rick rack! Look for them at Artscape this year! 

School Year Hangover

I think this photo tells it all.  Last Friday, I completed my 28th. year of teaching art in Baltimore County!  Which means I am staring retirement in its face! I have 2 and a half years, ( that half year is thanks to teaching four days a week for one of those 28 years). It's amazing how fast life can go as well as how slow it can also be. We said good-bye to Paul Pavik,  who retired at the end of his 33 year of teaching. We welcomed David Woodward this year as our new ceramics teacher.  We completed a crazy year of snow delays, riot aftermath and a very energetic ninth grade class that could use some time sitting on the reflection chair!   Oh well, time to regroup, work on my business and have fun in my sweatshop, travel and enjoy my summer. Which is down to two months now!!! Happy Summer!!

Mar 22, 2015

Watch me Draw!

  Click to see this amazing video Ryan Twentey did of me drawing with my sewing machine!

Feb 21, 2015

Stitched Bird Series...My one a day...otherwise what I did for the month of January 2015

This is my second year participating in the fun-a-day project  in which you work on project or art series for the entire month of January, specifically every day. Last year I did self-portraits which lead in to a very deep month of exploration of emotions since my Dad was in the hospital for most of the month until his death on the 29th of the month. This year, I'm going a bit more towards strengthening my drawing on my sewing machine and bird theme. So I drew with my sewing machine, freehand, a new bird everyday and appliqued it on a patterned background. All birds are then mod podged onto a 5" square wooden canvas. Today, I made labels that will be glued on the back that will have the name and a photograph of the bird . Once again, neglecting my blog, I am going to revived it with posting my birdies. The exhibit is not until the first Thursday of March.

Sep 24, 2014

I am An American Made FInalist! And I need your VOTE!!!!

WOW..what a year! I applied for the Martha Stewart American Made contest and I AM A FINALIST!

 It is currently people's choice time and I am begging everyone to go to my nomination page and VOTE for me! You can vote 6 times a day until October 13. I would LOVE to win $10,000 towards my business and I would love to meet Martha Stewart! So please VOTE and spread the WORD! Hit the Link HERE

Aug 27, 2014

Design Conversation #63 Teaching from the Edge

Come see how great my first day of school went with my introduction to Photography! Taking it to the edge....not jumping off of it! ha!

Aug 26, 2014

Who's That Lady in the Front of Room


I try to think about this every year:What am I going to do to make a really good impression to my students on the first day of school? In my fantasy world, I see my students telling their parents all about how excited they are about their art class, and that awesome teacher that they can't wait to see again. You know, as they are eating their dinner all together as a family, and the Dad at the end of the table asked his child, "Well, how was your first day at School ?". Guess that sounds very Ward Cleaver of me. But that was me, and we were asked that question every year.  I'm sure as we got older and into our high school years, the answer got shorter and more of a grunt than a sentence. A good teacher puts herself/himself in the student's point of view. People ask me, How do you look so young ?  I think its because I am always in the spirit of the high school kid. So what motivates the High school kid these days? My first day I teach only one class (guess its good to be the chair for something) , which is Photography 1. I think right away to go to instagram and the selfie. So I'm having my students look at a power point full of my photographs that I have posted in either facebook or instagram that I feel show something about me. Some are obvious and others are more abstract. They will have to pick and choose photographs to use to respond to a number of questions. including "which photo is a fib?" Leading to a compiled list of a successful narrative selfie. I've included photos of me in various stages of my life: youngster on vacation, graduate with my Dad, punk rocker at the Marble Bar, on my latest travels and antics with my friends; along with views of my desk, studio, sweatshop, and screaming blueberry pancake man. And then I will have my students sum me up; tell what they think makes me tick!  Hope it works. I will actually be talking about this lesson and its results on Sept 2, for the design conversations at the Wind Space. Wish me luck! Happy Back to School!




Aug 24, 2014

Look who is "American Made"

Martha Stewart - American Made 2014 - Nominee Badge

I saw this last year and had been kicking myself for not doing it. Luckily it happened again this year. I loved the questions. Hoping my DIY punk attitude came out in the question "What does American Made mean to you". Check out my profile and pass the word about jennyjen and her Birdy birds! Comments are welcomed !