Dec 31, 2008

new eyeglass cases!

look for these on my shop...i'll be posting them all this week

Happy New Year! was a good year...jennyjen made it out of Baltimore on the craft show circuit , made some excellent friends in BEST and got to ride her bike and found air and some bears in Whistler . Made some great connections with some new fabrics and designs..and got more students to art school...with my first in Parsons! Cheers to you Simone! Got to meet up with Matt Stinchcomb from Etsy and meet other crafters from other parts of the country. Best of all Obama was elected! The most I have ever been excited about a President! This year was spent in front of the TV thanks to the elections, Mad Men and the final season of The Wire. It was a rough year in terms of economics , another year of Bush and a small stink of Unemployment. But MICA saved the day for Patrick ! Life is doing A OK here on Argonne Drive. The cats are healthy and entertaining as hell. My brother is going to marry his long time girlfriend in '09! My goals for this year are to do more craft shows out of Maryland, set up a better way of tracking my sales and expenses, find some good places to sell my wares and exercise more! Find a better friend in my bike and do yoga more. Try to stop making announcements to my husband everyday, and try to keep a more organized and clean house! Make more off season so that I don't go crazy during holiday season. Maybe seek out an intern at MICA..ok that sounds good...and yeah, and find new recipes to cook.
Happy New Year Everyone. Thanks For Keeping up with me and staying in touch!

my favorite photo of this year by Tya

Dec 30, 2008

Reptile House 1985

So i'm finding the distractions of facebook to be ..well...quite fun...but very distracting. Good thing I'm on break! I have found the best photo's of my past...course none of them have me in them. Funny, I remember hanging out with Allison Futeral at most of these punk rock/Jules fact we got stuck many a time working the door or making the kiddies come inside! but no pictures. is one of the original Reptile House....I wanted to post a pic of London of my X's from the past.Wonder where he is these days.

did you notice the date? my bday after graduating from Towson State!

Dec 29, 2008

Blaine Fontana on Juxtapoz

I've been trying to catch up on what I've been missing over the last past months of very heavy crafting season...sleep...not been getting up until after 10AM everyday! and organizing..Patrick is actually cleaning his office as I write...grant applications...Baltimore Individual Artist grant...completed this morning...a break with some Law and Order....and now for some posting and Artist hunting. I have some major unit and lesson planning to do over my break and I'm in search of new mentors so its off to Juxtapoz to discover Blaine Fontana.Check out the entire interview with Brian Sherwin of My Art Space. I love any work that deals with juxtaposition...I have learned to hate that word...too many times it is used..but have to admit it is my love of work that deals with placing different and conflicting worlds together in creating new ideas, spaces and worlds.

Dec 24, 2008

And to all a good night!

we gave into a fake tree this year and I absolutely love it! i'm ashamed to say that I got it at Wal-mart, but they had the one I was looking for. I first thought I wanted a slver one, but am very happy with the white one! You can really see my antiwue ornaments as well as my quirky ones. Happy Holiday's everyone!

monkeys for Paige and Bailey!

i've been back behind the sewing machine, having a good time making these two little monkeys with very cutie dresses. I'm thinking about closing down my bookroom etsy shop and starting up a sock monkey shop! i used to make tons of sock monkeys until I just had enough. I think these two guys could take me back into the monley business. I need to make a sock monkey diaper bag this week too.

Dec 17, 2008

BEST Featured on the Storque!

Our team is featured today on Etsy's blog! Profiles on a bunch of us and cool portraits from around the city, check it out!

Dec 15, 2008


check them out...i'm done with the shows so everything is getting posting in my shop! so keep checking in!

Dec 10, 2008

Updated SHop!

Come Shop ! Come visit my newly updated shop with new items and a spruced up holiday banner! Shop from the comfort of your own home! Local and don't want to pay for shipping! Order on line and convo me that you want to pick up your purchase at Double Dutch this Sunday and I'll refund your shipping costs. Guaranteed 2-3 day shipping for those of you who are late shoppers! So, come check it out. 2 more days for donations to the Maryland's Food Bank! 10% of your order will be donated!

Holiday Trunk SHow

Shop local and get a last chance to purchase from BEST members at one of our favorite boutiques, doubledutch. There will be sweet treats to eat while you browse the wares. And when you make a purchase from a BEST member, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate to doubledutch! Give it as a gift, or treat yourself.

Stop by this Sunday, December 14th, from 11am - 5pm. We'll see you there!

doubledutch is located at 3616 Falls Rd, Baltimore, Maryland 21211, just off the Avenue.

Dec 6, 2008

Finding New Fella's to Sew

Our BEST team has been challenged to be part of Etsy's shop local section of the Storque. We have to post pictures of our favorite spots around town. So I thought it fitting to go to Cylburn Arboretum. If you haven;t been there it is a must go to...but maybe wait until the renovations are finished ad go int he spring. They have this wonderful museum full of taxidermy birds in their habitate..a must if you are a diorama fan. So, on this freezing day, Pat and I set off to take many pictures of me for this article. This was my favorite. I'll keep upi updated and wehen it will post.

Dec 2, 2008

Merry Mart This Sunday!

ok..ok...ok .. i know..i know...i've been posting about more and more craft shows that I am in...good news that is.. I applied to all of these shows not thinking I would get in! Boy how things change in just one year! Here is yet another great show for your shopping pleasure. The Creative Alliance is a great place for holiday shopping with its holiday cheer and cash bar! Lots of awesome crafters..including many BEST members. So stop in this Sunday in Highlandtown hon!

Dina Alexander Art Jewelry, The Broken Plate Pendant Co., SPAGHETTI KISS, Daedalus Books & Music, Sweet Pepita, Megin Diamond Designs, this chickadee, danamarie hosler & greenstarstudio, Dandelion Blu Jewelry, Bowerbox Press, Devin Mack, MackWire, Jennyjen42, Nancy Ziegenfus-McIntosh, The Littlest Bean, Linda Moul, Rebecca Patterson Baked at 275*, PINK KISS POTTERY, Jill Popowich Designs in Metal, Tu Vida Jewelry & Design, heidiroland - daring earrings!, Elisa Shere Jewelry, Baltimore Glass Works, City Neighbors Charter School , Sugar Paperie, Mark Supik & Co., Stephney Wallace, Yummy & Company.

For more information, visit the Creative Alliance. See you there!

Have You Seen It?..b-more magazine strikes again

I know I've been slacking on the posting...even with such great news and events happening. Check out December's Baltimore Magazine ....There's a cool owl pattern you can download......For those of you who'd like a sneak preview of the Made in Baltimore issue, it's now online! (It's much better in print, though!) Check out my BEST friends..pictured below... in their featured posts too!