Jul 27, 2007

those were the days

I have been thinking about the old department stores of Baltimore lately. Thinking about the departments and their services. My memories of the wig department and the tables with oval revolving table mirrors at each wig station, the rug section that we use to run in and out of the hanging rugs, the fabric department with the cool device that counted the yardage as the sales woman pulled the edge of the fabric through, the Santa Clause that came out of the huge chimney that was on top of the Hutzler building at Westview in December that is part of Laura Lippman’s novel "What the Dead Know". ..and those windows, those magnificent window displays, especially at Christmas. We would get all dressed up to go Christmas shopping on Howard Street and look at the Christmas window displays. Easter, we would go to Hutzlers for the children’s’ Easter Breakfast…which usually entailed an Easter Bunny and some sort of puppet show that would scare the hell out of me. I scared easily of such things. ..clowns and puppets…Anyway, I found this site that has tons of photos of very old Baltimore…I found these of the window displays at Hutzlers a bit before my time, but I thought them pertinent to post.

Jul 24, 2007

Pics from Artscape

Spent most of the day with Patrick relaxing! There is nothing as wonderful as taking a 3 hour nap in the afternoon! We had to get up and take Patrick to get X-rays of his shoulder and then to the doctor. Whistler was good to him until the last day;( but it allowed me a special day with my man! A beautiful day, just like this past weekend! we coiuldn't have asked for a better weekend to hang in B-more selling our crafts! SO here are some pics..check out all of them here!

Jul 23, 2007

Artscape a Success

Just woke up from a very busy and long weekend! Artscape was great! Tricia and I met so many people and got very positive responses. The best complements came from the kids! They would pulled their parents back into our booth! I'll post pictures later once I locate my camera. Please keep posted to my etsy shop, I'll get more wares for you to buy in my store this week! Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Thanks bunches to Sharon who helped us out all day on Saturday!

Jul 10, 2007

Brainiac the Art and Life of Matte Stephens

packed up and inventoried...is that the right way to spell that? anyway, i had to go to Target to buy totes for storage because i have run out of space in the sweat shop for new stuff. anyway, decided to do some disteracting blog reading and checked into Matt Stephens latest's work. I love his work. Reminds me so much of my beloved characters of my childhood. i really love the owl! CHeck out his blog here!

Jul 9, 2007

Tricia's Wares

Here are some items that Tricia's will be selling at our Peas & Carrots booth for Artscape. I love the stenciled kid aprons!
yeah Tricia!

new pillows

somedays you have these amazing days in your studio when everything seems to fall into place. i started yesterday around 8AM, and this new line of pillows emerged. i wanted to take advantage of my last weekend with no distractions to get as much work done for Artscape that I possible could make...patrick will be back late Wednesday night..he has been in Whistler for the past week...the longest we have been apart. so in order for this time to past I've been coup up in the sweat shop sewing my butt off and going to the gym. finding 44 to be a pretty depressing age if you're not feeling fit...so fit is my choice. and lots of conversations with the cats..louie has learned to play catch!
so here are my new pilla's. I really love the cardinals...these feel more modern , especially on the tweed fabric.these will be on sale at Artscape!! hoping all can stop down and visit. Tricia and I will be in the Peas & Carrots booth close to the MICA store, on Dolphin Street. July 20-22, noon to 10 on friday and saturday, noon to 8 on Sunday. Lets hope there's good weather!

Jul 7, 2007

Artscape 2007

Transparent Dialogs

The Gallery at CCBC Catonsville

800 S. Rolling Road

July 15 - August 10

Opening : Saturday, July 14, 3-5

410-455-4246/ www.ccbcmd.edu / http://adim.ccbcmd.edu/

Curator: Osvaldo Mesa


Seth Adelsberger ~ Tom Block ~ Abigail Donovan ~ James Long ~ Jennifer McBrien~ Matthew McConville ~ Michele Montalbano ~ Steven Pearson ~ Brooke Rodger ~ Rachel Schmidt

Jul 5, 2007

just checkin in

just checking in
latest updates:
Tricia and I went to buy peg board for our display at Artscape
the business cards came in and they look great!
I've been slowly working on my etsy shop.
only one item is posted
thought I'd wait till after Artscape until I post whatever I don't sell
dropped off paintings to CCBC for a show there. Opening is July 15, 3-5..Catonsville Campus More info will be posted later.