Apr 15, 2010

Let the Spring Craft Show Season Begin!

My crazy Spring season has been finalized! Please come to any shows that you can and say hi! Last night was the NAEA artisan fling...3 hours of amazing art teachers embarking on the jennyjen booth with tons of smiles and complements! Thanks art teacher peeps! 3 hours of "Cuteness" and a nice chuck of change to start off my spring season. We have a roof to fix here people! Thanks so Much! So here it is.....my insane spring schedule:
Spring Bada Bing in Richmond VA, Sun. Apr18
Squidfire's Art Mart in BAltimore, MD, Sat. May 8
Art Star in Philly's Penns Landing, May 15-16
Handmade Mart in Silver Spring, MD Sun. May 23
Pile of Craft, in Baltimore, Sat. June 26

Apr 10, 2010

Art Star in Philly!

In May, I'll be joining my BEST buddy Jen Menkhaus in a booth at Art Star. They've been posting the other vendors. I'm hoping we'll have the same beautiful weather we had last year. Plan on coming to Philly for the art festval. At Penns Landing, May 15-16.

Apr 6, 2010

New Products Coming Soon!

Just finished a new flab bag that perfect for your camera, phone, keys and wallet...and perhaps a couple of other items Its really all I need when I don't feel like lugging around a bunch of stuff. This one is mine! Just in time to go back to NYC this Friday on a day trip with 46 kiddies! That;s enough stuff to lug around. Also, new coasters with tiny felt applique birdy birds on each corner!

Spring Bada Bing!

The spring season is beginning and I've been working like a maniac. First show is at the NAEA conference. I'm participating in the artisan fair. The second show is in Richmond.VA: Spring Bada Bing: Sunday, April 18. Check out the vendors who will be joining me here . I'll be posting new products soon!

Apr 5, 2010

new addition to the sweatshop

I've been living in my sweat shop these days and cutting my daily budget as low as I can. So I have my only tv set connected to cable and the dvd/vhs player in the sweatshop. It was getting a bit hard on my back as I was working on the floor and watching tv so I got enough money from taxes to invest on my new piece of furniture. Here it is, my sofa bed from IKEA...the beddinge. Elected to forgo the slip cover for a prettier bed spread from urban adventure that I got years ago. I'm also gonna see how long I can last this summer without AC, so this will also work nicely for my summer bed since this is the only room with a ceiling fan too.

Apr 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter ...had to post this photo of my sister and I back in 1966 in our Easter outfits that my mom made. I'm hoping we're going back to these days of handmade...home made outfits and simple traditions of the old photograph on the front steps of the house. Anyone else have a similar pics? Lets share.

Apr 3, 2010

before and after school renovations from design sponge

A good friend of mine is in the process of buying a house with not a lot of money. Got me searching and being amazing of how many houses are for sale in the B-more area under $100,000. Course you can also imagine the state that they are in. So in search of before and after renovations, I have to applaud angela tullier and her husband adam in their very hip renovation of a home that hadn't been changed since 1958, except for the vacancy prior to their purchase of four years. Check out the entire post here on design sponge...I'm really loving the colors of the bathroom as well as that kitchen!

Apr 2, 2010

William Kentridge: FIve Themes

WOW am I lacking on the blog posting. Spring break is here and I just got back from New York's lower west side that I absolutely loved. My friend and I embarked on an adventure of "do we plan" or not and made some tracks around town that were new and eye opening. Did first make it to the William Kentridge's Five Theme show at MOMA and found some meaning for my own new work. There is something about these discarded posts and structures that keep popping up in my work. You have until May 17 to get up there to see it. I think its the most complete show I've seen of Kentridge's work. Didn't see the whole show because I'm taking 45 Students up next Friday to see it