Nov 29, 2011

My New Home Holiday Style

I moved into Hamden in mid October and I am very happy to say that my house on Argonne Drive now has a contract and will hopefully ride on into a new happy situation. I have found this beautiful little row home on Hickory Ave. that I am renting for a nice little monthly fee. I have these gracious dreams of living this sweet little life, making my sweet little birdie bird products, living off of my makings and painting again, in another studio space one day. Yes, this is my retirement plan. On February 15, the county will mark as being employed by them for 25 years!!! AKA, I am hoping to retire in 5 more years. So the game plans is establishing my jennyjen birdie bird business and live a happy little life making people around happy when they see my fluttering, smart-alic birds. Any who, I am downsizing and learning to live as cheap as I can without sacrificing too much. And who knows, maybe this while scheme could work and I could even live a decent life doing what I want. I love teaching, but it really is beginning to wear on my creative soul.  But back to what I want to show you. I love this new sweet house My landlord has made this place a wonderful home with great aesthetic decisions and I have made a few changes in paint and added my decor and furnishing. Here is a quick peak of the living room with my fake Xmas tree! I believe you should either be real, or be really fake! I love my tree in this space. The space is small and thank god my mom has given me her organization of furniture skills so I could figure this out. 

Nov 27, 2011

Bazzart 2011 Best Show EVER!!!!

WOW!!! That's about the best sound I can come up with after my day hiatus from my extremely busy crafty-teaching season. I guess you've notice my lack of posts and have probably given up on me. I am trying to get my act together and welcome 2012 with more posts and more reflective time to figure out my artistic future.

 Bazzart, is held every Friday night and Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend at the American Visionary Museum and I have been so gracious to be accepted for the past four years! I get to create my own 10 foot square shop and this year IKEA really came though with beautiful birdy bird curtains that look like they came right out my own pen! in fact many customers commented on my wall curtains and thought I had to have made them. The amount of complements and purchases let me take the day off today and clean and organize my new house ( future post to come on that one, I promise!)/ Here are some pics f my shop! I really do think I could do this for a living!