Aug 31, 2010

Black Box: Superflex...Super fantastic at the Hirshhorn

I went to the Hirshhorn Museum the other weekend and found myself memorized by this fantastic film by the Danish art collective based in Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro whose members are Jakob Fenger (b. Roskilde, 1968), Rasmus Nielsen (b. Hjørring, 1969), and Bjørnstjerne Reuter Christiansen (b. Copenhagen, 1969), titled Superflex. They has staged unconventional artworks that use social intervention as a means of calling attention to such issues as democratization, environmentalism, and consumerism. I was even blessed by having an added kid laughing quite hard through the entire film. Get down there as you rush to see the end of the Ives Klein show that closes on the 16th. of September.

Aug 24, 2010

"Would of, Should of, Could of"

Tomorrow is our Professional Development Day for Baltimore County Teachers , in which all us art teachers get to get together , this one day of the year. We get the whole run down of important new information, the introduction of the newbies and then a variety of teachers present workshops that teachers sign up for in advance…And yours truly gets to present my unit : "The Art of Making Evidence...A journal problem that asks how do you prove that you exist? An experiment in brain storming and thought provoking through the exploration of contemporary Art". Using the Art 21 series I've created a unit, or I like the word progressive series, for my students to learn about what is going on in art today. To find some new artist mentors that are contemporary artist. Asking Essential Questions as the catalyst to creative thought! As well as showing artist that use film, video, installation, photography and performance to make impressive statements! The more I show my students contemporary art, the more receptive they are to it. Point Blank, it is what we see when we go on our field trips and then its so amazing to see this instant click of open mindedness to the work that use to be very different before I started to teach my students abut contemporary art! Not to also mention that we are dealing with post-modern themes and content...and we are teaching and raising post modern children. Here is a little preview from one for the artist I'm highlighting for discussing the subject of romance and regret! Laurie Simmons has been one of my up most favorites for such a long time and this short segment of her work is so beautiful!

Watch the full episode. See more ART:21.

Aug 23, 2010

Yves Klein...a little response to this show

I went to see the Yves Klein show, the Void the Powers this past weekend at the Hirshhorn and had a variety of thoughts and responses to it... that went a little bit like this...1) thank god for the women's lib movement, 2) amazing, beautiful blue, 3) " I am a painter of space...let's be honest, to paint space, I must be in the position , I must be space"4) "now paint your breast" 5) if he wasn't wearing the expensive suit, I may have taken him more seriously, and 6) really Yves Klein, you were the only inventor of the fire and water fountain!

Nuf said, watch and enjoy. Love the expressions of the man watching as well as the narrator that brings back huge memories in itself.

Aug 19, 2010

And then there was summer camp!

After I taught my painting class at MICA I moved on to Baltimore County's Summer Enrichment Camp to the Drawing portfolio class that was also high school this case for more than half the going on to Carver that will be in the 9th. grade this coming school year. So we're talking 12 high school kids drawing every day from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon! Could you do that? Lunch got a little longer everyday. But I have to tell you. this group was amazing too! We would do drawing from observation in the morning. GO to lunch. Watch an Art 21 segment on a contemporary Artist. Then start another drawing assignment that had more thinking..creative thought involve. Again my mission these days is to get my students to THINK! So we ended up building paper forts! What a great idea! The entire room turned into one huge installation. Jelling the group together and making some pretty good darn drawings. Here is our installation! If you go onto the Baltimore County Public School site you can catch a video about the whole school. I make a very brief showing!

Aug 18, 2010

Summer in Review

I've been meaning to post these pics for some time now. I have to say this...this painting class that I taught this summer at MICA was amazing! Not only did they simply rule in the risk taking department they were the best little critique group I have ever had...well...maybe second to my AP class of 2009...What am I saying all of my classes rule! Well, here are most...some had to leave erly and I didn't get their pics.

Donna Wilson's Lovely Knitable Furnishings

Saw Donna Wilson's work as part of a poppytalk post form the NYC gift show. Very much loving this pillows! Check out more of her work here.

Aug 17, 2010

First Full Feature FIlm by Art 21: William Kentridge

Since my last post, I have been to NYC and back and completed my unit on "Proof of Evidence" which features a number of artists from the Art21 series. It's another attempt to get my students to think as well as my fellow art teachers to NOT BE AFRAID OF CONTEMPORARY ART!!!! I present it next Wednesday to Baltimore County High School Art teachers. And I just noticed that I have the largest I better be good and know what I'm talking about! First of all, I have to say I LOVE THIS SERIES! And it keeps giving and it keeps on licking! This fall, a film on my favorite and lately, most influential artist, William Kentridge will be out.Check details here. This will be there first full feature on an artist and it will be on PBS...hopefully it will play here! October 21 at 10PM. So get your tevo's ready!

"William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible" Teaser #2 | Art21 from Art21 on Vimeo.

Aug 12, 2010

Bill Brand's Masstransiscope Subway Animation

My buddy Laura and I are going back to New York this weekend for one last hurrah for the summer ends. We needed to go back to get our cocktails on the roof garden of the Met and see the Starn Twin Installation. Maybe we'll have to take a subway ride on the Q train from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I love hearing the remarks from the people riding the train!

Aug 8, 2010

New Birdy Bird Wallet Clutches

I'm back from the beach with a new jennyjen product! Wallet clutches perfect for your cash, credit cards, business cards or even for your classic nano! Felt applique birdies...machine washable...lined with a surprise! Check them out at my shop here. This week is the last week for free shipping! Any purchase earns you a free iron on patch and note card!!