Dec 19, 2007

getting to feel a bit like Christmas

no, i am no where close to being ready for Christmas. I have bought preciously 6 gifts of many to still create or buy...still waiting for two to make that 4 to tree yet, no wreath on the door only three window candle lights that actually work....and still two more days to babysit classes. at this point that is what we are doing at every school across the nation . so i'm trying to get into the mood. my computer died last weekend ;( but has now been fixed and returned...thanks apple people! but my photoshop and office are gone. waiting for someone in my department to find the disks of our CS3!!!! i better be installing both tomorrow!!!! or heads will roll!!!! its good to be the queen! kiddin' all. My new mixer arrived today!!! Burnt orange! tomight continues beer drinking cookie making...again. trying to get into the mood. Patrick promises tomorrow we will get the tree! Plus out for more Shopping. Julie has the twins! a boy eli, and girl, ada. Can't wait to see pictures!
so here are some pics that i could find on my other hard drive that could fit on line to share. THose were the days of Christmas!

Dec 17, 2007

Craft Shows...A big success

sorry its been awhile since posting. these last two weeks have been insane. jennyjen was a huge success!I almost sold out of everything at the Merry Mart at the Creative Alliance that I had to sew like crazy for Squidfire. Out of the two shows I liked Squidfire better simply because we could spread out more and I could see the light of day. The Merry Mart crammed us all inside a theater space meaning no windows, an eight foot table space and a what felt like a foot between us and the people behind us!

Anyway, i found i had fans, which I never really experienced as a painter..and it felt pretty good. I spent this past weekend cleaning and organizing my sweatshop to prepare for '08.

here's some pics from the squidfire show!