Mar 17, 2010

New Flap BAgs in the SHop!

Fresh for the spring tri-color canvas flap bags. Perfect for your sketchbook!More stitched designs less felt....that means a bit more durable, no more pilley felt!!! More eco felt made of recyclable plastic bottles. New this season is tri-color...the body is made of two colors with another complementary color flap! Interior still have the party in the inside feel with two contrasting fabric, two interior pockets: one zipper one convenient accessory pocket. Machine washable! So start your spring shopping here

Mar 7, 2010

Daniel Pink Ted Talk

I saw Daniel Pink last week speak at the Park School on his new book titled "Drive"...If you haven't hear of this guy....just watch and see if this gets you hooked. His new book is on what motivates us...and there are some very insightful findings!