Sep 30, 2008

crafty bastards...2 days later

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i had the day off!!! an excellent day to clean and organize my sweat shop. I'll post pics later on...anyway, i found a business card from Nole of Gold Star Press and found our booth as one of her fav's. Here are the pictures...i forgot my camera, so I was glad to find some photo's of our booth. Thanks Nole!Check out her entire review here.

Sep 29, 2008

a taste test I can believe in!

after a VERY successful time at Crafty bastards, feeling a bit wiped out and little overwhelmed by what I have to do and make before November...i needed a little with my internet mind and vola! i stumbled a pond not martha blog to see these great pictures of Oreo's and hydrox! i remembered this taste test as a kid. i liked the fancy decor of the hydrox as well as the different taste which i guess was not quite as sweet as the Oreo.Now, i am a huge Oreo fan...since being a little one...growing up in the 60's with parents from the 50's meant i got to eat cookies and sugar coated cereal growing up...tony and tiger and I were best buds! so I'm not knocking the Oreo here....and I'm not too sure when I got to try my first hydrox..they disappeared in my adult life, and now they are back! ...i really loved this taste test. makes me want to go out get my some subjects of my own to do my own sandwich cookie taste test! check out the entire review here as well as the entire not martha blog.

photo's by not martha

Sep 27, 2008

nEw Eye glAss caSe desiGns

New Pillows for Crafty B's!

I've been making more pillows for tomorrow...smaller in size for more economic prices! Hope to see lots of new faces ...let's start doing our sun dance! The percentage for rain keeps moving up!

Sep 23, 2008

Being a Crafty Bastard

Being a crafty bastard means you are crazy busy, cutting and gluing, sewing and constructing, constructing and sewing, taking pictures and ignoring your blog. In fact I would be even more productive if I took my computer out of my sweat shop! I sold a tote bag today on my etsy site, that I had already sold at Hampden Fest! ugh:( I need a clone! So, I decided not to post my new items on my site, but post them here. So if you want it, you have to come to Crafty Bastards this Sunday in DC. I've been working on sturdy tool rolls that are lined with stiff interfacing and more narrative stitching on the exterior. More flap bags and I'm bringing back Otis the Owl tote with a chest of bric brac. So come on down for an afternoon or music crafts and fun! Map can be found here.

Sep 20, 2008

Yee Haw!!!

sorry i've been a bit lame on the posting these days. i've been trying to keep up, but its the school and craft show schedule. I'm currently in a hotel room in Whisp with free wi-fi while Patrick is out at practice for his race tomorrow. it's pretty sad that i have to physically go away in order to relax and here i am sneaking in some work. i wanted to do some revisting to some of my favorite etsy shops and found myself oohing and awing on YEE-HAW! ART FOR THE PEOPLE=AMERICAN LETTERPRESS shops. Feeling pretty political, and a little bit giddy hearing that Obama is now 3% gain over McCain in the latest poll, i wantd to post some good political posters. Check out yee haw's latest today!All items are printed on their letterpress in Knoxville!

Sep 14, 2008

Look Who's on the Crafty Bastard Blog!

yesterday was a very long day at Hampden Fest . We arrived before the tent was up. The BEST crew questioning how organized this event was going to be. And then we were invaded by vendors to share our tent we did not know about...our thoughts were pretty right on. Half of the group ended up facing buildings and shops and not the crowd. I completely lucked out with a corner facing the crowd. It started out pretty slow but turned into a fairly productive day. I had many a compliment which is always worth sitting in the hot humid heat for most of the day. I even had a woman tell me that I was "amazing"! That was pretty special. Packed up my gear, a good amount to start for Crafty Bastards for the 28th. Our booth looks like it is pretty much the farthest away from the front, so my luck will not be as good as yesterday. A broken sewing machine, awaiting a part..and a large pile of cut out, ready to sew hand bags and eye glass cases awaits me foe the next two weeks. Any way, I rejoiced last night to find my answers published in the crafty bastards blog questions. Check it out here. And thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday! And thanks for my BEST buddies who really made yesterday a fun event!

Sep 12, 2008

Hampden Fest Tomorrow!

Join BEST at the indy craft tent..should be close to cafe hon tomorrow and please bring your extra art supplies along to donate to Art with a Heart! Drop them off at the BEST table and receive a coupon for 10% off any one purchase from a BEST member at the show! Hampdenfest is from 11 AM-7 PM, on the Avenue, W 36th St, Baltimore, MD, this Saturday, September 13th. See you there!

Sep 10, 2008

Hampden Fest this Saturday!!!!!

Stop by the indie craft tent..should be close to cafe hon! Check out the vendors here
Here are some new bags that will be showing themselves off for the event! Stop on by!

Sep 9, 2008

Tuesday's Treasures..ladiesandgentlemen's shop

I keep looking at revival pieces....recycled works as well as vintage items that touch my heart strings as well as remind me of my past. Today's treasures come from ladiesandgentlmen's shop on etsy. In fact, they're having a sale now. Poppytalk featured their home where many of their items live until sold. I love these suitcases. They make a great decor item for small storage. Happy Shopping!

Sep 6, 2008

Jennifer Khoshbin

i am constantly looking for mentors..not just for me but for my students. if you haven;t heard of Jennifer Khosbin, then this is your lucky day. I just found her on poppytalk and discovered her series titled book projects. i love altered books as art and as a means of journaling. I've included these pieces from her first book project include more at a later date. See her work here

Sep 3, 2008

Top Design Starts Tonight!

hope you have cable....i still know people without cable...but for those you do..Top Design starts its second season on Bravo tonight! i love Todd Oldham...not just because he published an amazing book on my hero Charley Harper, but because he also believes Charlie Harper is a hero. his sweet , sometimes machine like tv personality could perhaps get on your nerves...but maybe that's why they made India Hicks be the new host! I simply am a voyeur for interior design. I think this love started from wondering through all of those furniture stores as a kid. I love looking at sneak peaks on blogs as well as take walks through through certain neighborhood at night so that I can take my own sneak peak into people's design sense . Check it out tonight at 10 on Bravo.

Sep 1, 2008

September Events!

I've been working pretty hard this past month making new items and working on my photo's on my etsy site..I thought it better to get rid of my backgrounds and just use white backgrounds. Since it is the goods I'm trying to sell, not what's in my space. SO here is my up coming shows for September....
Catonsville Fall Fest , Sunday, September 7
Hampden Fest,Saturday, September 13 and
Crafty Bastards in DC, Sunday, September 28.

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