Oct 27, 2008

so sorry...

man...i can't believe how insane life can get in just a couple of days...exciting crazy though! i can only give hints about being Baltimore Magazine for December.....then its going to be craft show after another starting Nov. 8-9 in Pittsburgh. Than is on for a constant month....so I've been trying to get as much inventory that I can mustard up without getting a divorce! Wednesday will be our big number 3! we celebrated this weekend with a wonderful dinner at Ruth Chris and a purchase of a wii......We've been working on photo's and write-ups and pattern making...and other hush hush things....so stay tune. Sorry I've been lacking on the posts..will work on that one when I can!

Oct 16, 2008

New Items

Zipper pouches and Rooster Tote

very busy...just accepted into the Charm City Craft Mafia Holiday Heap...5 major shows starting Nov.8 ...yikes!!!!

Oct 14, 2008

insomnia Pic of the night

yes its 12:33Am and a school night..i just had a very long weekend that started last Thursday..and reality of going back to school today was a little much. however, it has truely hit tonight with my brain going a hundred miles a second and me NOT sleeping. So instead of laying there yelling at my brain to shut-up..i adventure here to my neglected blog to post something. i wondered on to design*sponge to find Grain Edit's guest posts...i really love this design sense..what I keep reaching for when I'm cutting those felt shapes with my sewing line applique's...yes I have much to show you ..later this week...with some more sneak peaks on jennyjen stuff....but anyway...my favorite pic's come from Dave Cuzner's blog ...though there are many..please go check it out... Cuzner's feature of a children’s book entitled thomas written by Mary Harris and illustrated by Cliff Roberts in 1956. The book tells the story of a young girl and her cat thomas and the adventures/trouble they get into.I love the pic of the book cover with his cat!

Oct 5, 2008

The Regional Assembly of TExt On-Line shop

one of my favorite shops has gone on-line....a good thing since they are in vancouver..the assembly of text founded by Rebecca Dolen & Brandy Fedoruk who met while attending the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Just in tome for the upcoming season for giving....here is a great shop to begin . I'm really diggin' the recipe box as well as tree line tee shirt...but I think my favorite is the bird cards.

welcome Mr. Rooster

I made a new birdie for my collection...Mr. Rooster....look for him to star in some up coming pillow and hand bag designs. i'm also working on a lap top section for my flap bags! stay tune....

Oct 4, 2008

BEST Virtual Giveaway

rezay the RECYCLIMAL by Greenstarstudio

The Baltimore Etsy Street team is excited to announce our new Virtual Giveaway! In preparation for the holiday season we have decided to giveaway $10 gift certificates from each of the following Street Team Members shops!

BEST meets Matt of Etsy

friday at Rockets a number of the BEST crew got to hang out with one of our hero's.. matt stinchcomb, vp of communications at etsy. Allison, aka tigerlily met him in the etsy treehouse , where she found out that Matt would be in B-more this week. A DC native, Matt had lots of compliments of the area as well as some good memories of Maryland. A very down to earth, positive and up-beat fella....we're hoping to have more encounters with him. You can see how we were all beaming that night! Look out for some news on BEST some time on etsy.

photos by tigerlily and jennywren