Nov 23, 2007

What Would Jesus Buy Trailer

black friday

i did not go shopping on black friday...i will not go to any big box store to buy my presents this fact i am planning on supporting the made handmade pledge! i'm encouraging all to do the same. On friday, the 30th. the movie "what would Jesus buy" is coming to the charles theater. just watch the trailer...and join along in the protest !

Nov 21, 2007

new ornaments

here are some of my new ornaments...they will be at Merry MArt at the Creative Alliance and the Squidfire Holiday Art Mart...Check Tricia and I out at the peas&carrots booth!

Nov 19, 2007

the year of the gals

meet new niece. my sister -in-law Becky just had twins!!! we spent part of this weekend down in virginy hanging out with the gals...bailey and page. so sweet! let's see..first there was Violet and Piper, twin girls that Anne had, then Becky's two and NOW we await Julie's twins!

Nov 16, 2007

apple pie anyone?

my first apple pie! i even made the pie crust from scratch! and it was absolutely delish!!!

work from the darkroom

i have made big trives in the photo department this past week. developed my first blk & white film from my fisheye lomo camera.won't tell you how long it took me to load the film on the reel's been a long time! nothing like playing feelie mealie with development tools!
anyway...not many pics came out due to my stupidity of advancing the film after taking each shot...meaning i took lots of pictures of the inside of my bag...
but here they three shots that i printed today.
i love how my hub cab looks like a scarey guy!

Nov 10, 2007

WE're on the walls

yesterday we took 48 Parkville High Art students to the National Gallery to see the Edward Hopper show and then to the Corcoran to see the Ansel Adams and Annie Leibovitz shows. What a great day for ART! The Hopper show was amazing! Many of his watercolors I have never seen showcased his amazing talent for capturing light ! GO see when you get a chance...included is his famous Nighthawks!
Then we went to the Corcoran to see the Ansel Adams and Annie Leibovitz exhibits. Remarkable is seeing the technique of clarity in Adams photographs in person, not on a calendar or poster hanging from many an office and living room wall.. Leibovitz's portait photographs are quite entertaining. My favorites were Scarlette Johananson, the Oval Office..Bush and his crew posed as if on a tv sitecom...and her daughter Sarah with her stricking blue eyes. I wanted to see the Vogue shots! The lavish scenes that were highlighted on the American Masters series on Leibovitz. But to make up for that, they had a photobooth room, in which you took your own photo and had it project on the walls. It rotated photo's that were taken within a certain period of time. we all looked like models. Everyone looks so good in black and white! see more pics here.

New bird Party Pillows

woke up this morning with an actual birdy in my bathroom. i kept hearing strange sounds all night long from the hallway, bathroom area. Kept wondering why the cats weren't keeping me warm last night. we came home from our day in DC finding the bathroom all torn up. guilty looks on the cats...did not see anything but the trash can turned upside down, trash on the floor and all the objects that were on our window sill on the floor.
i did not discover the fluthering bird until this morning. luckily it had flown between the window shutters and the window. protected from the cats but trapped. i got a thin towel, covered it and put in a shoebox...some how i was thinking before coffee, and freed it. Lary said its good luck to have a bird inside your house. We shall see. Was glad I could free it without harm. I think chuckie and louie are mad at me. oh well.
here are the creations from this week. Having out patient surgery on tuesday, afforded me two full days at home. Tuesday I was out, slept most of the day. was able to work a little, sleep and recoop alittle throughout wednesday and thursday. here are my newest products.
perhaps mr. birdy was trying to get in on the actions of the sweatshop!