Nov 10, 2007

WE're on the walls

yesterday we took 48 Parkville High Art students to the National Gallery to see the Edward Hopper show and then to the Corcoran to see the Ansel Adams and Annie Leibovitz shows. What a great day for ART! The Hopper show was amazing! Many of his watercolors I have never seen showcased his amazing talent for capturing light ! GO see when you get a chance...included is his famous Nighthawks!
Then we went to the Corcoran to see the Ansel Adams and Annie Leibovitz exhibits. Remarkable is seeing the technique of clarity in Adams photographs in person, not on a calendar or poster hanging from many an office and living room wall.. Leibovitz's portait photographs are quite entertaining. My favorites were Scarlette Johananson, the Oval Office..Bush and his crew posed as if on a tv sitecom...and her daughter Sarah with her stricking blue eyes. I wanted to see the Vogue shots! The lavish scenes that were highlighted on the American Masters series on Leibovitz. But to make up for that, they had a photobooth room, in which you took your own photo and had it project on the walls. It rotated photo's that were taken within a certain period of time. we all looked like models. Everyone looks so good in black and white! see more pics here.


"Cupcake" said...

Talman is back?
Or just for the trip?
Miss you ladies....!
How are things?!

dan hoff said...
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dan hoff said...

saw your sweet new lomo in your bag on your flickr photos

dan hoff said...

(i screwed up my first comment)

Jennifer said...

i developed my first film in over 20 years today! Film form my sweet lomo camera i got for my bday! i won't tell you how long it took me to get the film on the reel!