Nov 10, 2007

New bird Party Pillows

woke up this morning with an actual birdy in my bathroom. i kept hearing strange sounds all night long from the hallway, bathroom area. Kept wondering why the cats weren't keeping me warm last night. we came home from our day in DC finding the bathroom all torn up. guilty looks on the cats...did not see anything but the trash can turned upside down, trash on the floor and all the objects that were on our window sill on the floor.
i did not discover the fluthering bird until this morning. luckily it had flown between the window shutters and the window. protected from the cats but trapped. i got a thin towel, covered it and put in a shoebox...some how i was thinking before coffee, and freed it. Lary said its good luck to have a bird inside your house. We shall see. Was glad I could free it without harm. I think chuckie and louie are mad at me. oh well.
here are the creations from this week. Having out patient surgery on tuesday, afforded me two full days at home. Tuesday I was out, slept most of the day. was able to work a little, sleep and recoop alittle throughout wednesday and thursday. here are my newest products.
perhaps mr. birdy was trying to get in on the actions of the sweatshop!

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Cathy Nichols Art said...

I found your adorable pillows while browsing for Christmas gifts. They are so wonderful. Such great ideas and craftsmanship!