Mar 29, 2011

And so the house goes.....

My House knows I'm going
I'm out
and not in a great way
a short sale
a newer way of not just giving up
not all at once
a hint, pre-sequel of foreclosure

it knows
the roof begins to leak
the oven smokes
the washer stops circulating

the trees begin to look dead around me
the flowers come up everywhere but in their allotted spaces

it is cleaned up and clutter free
we pretend we are a show house
maybe even featured in a magazine
that is what I tell it
as well as the cats

we wait for our audience
but no one has come yet

it is a dead market
and we have a red check by our name

but we will wait
and clean every dish
every morning
shine and polish every surface before we leave in the morning
awaiting our spotlight