Sep 23, 2008

Being a Crafty Bastard

Being a crafty bastard means you are crazy busy, cutting and gluing, sewing and constructing, constructing and sewing, taking pictures and ignoring your blog. In fact I would be even more productive if I took my computer out of my sweat shop! I sold a tote bag today on my etsy site, that I had already sold at Hampden Fest! ugh:( I need a clone! So, I decided not to post my new items on my site, but post them here. So if you want it, you have to come to Crafty Bastards this Sunday in DC. I've been working on sturdy tool rolls that are lined with stiff interfacing and more narrative stitching on the exterior. More flap bags and I'm bringing back Otis the Owl tote with a chest of bric brac. So come on down for an afternoon or music crafts and fun! Map can be found here.

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