Sep 14, 2008

Look Who's on the Crafty Bastard Blog!

yesterday was a very long day at Hampden Fest . We arrived before the tent was up. The BEST crew questioning how organized this event was going to be. And then we were invaded by vendors to share our tent we did not know about...our thoughts were pretty right on. Half of the group ended up facing buildings and shops and not the crowd. I completely lucked out with a corner facing the crowd. It started out pretty slow but turned into a fairly productive day. I had many a compliment which is always worth sitting in the hot humid heat for most of the day. I even had a woman tell me that I was "amazing"! That was pretty special. Packed up my gear, a good amount to start for Crafty Bastards for the 28th. Our booth looks like it is pretty much the farthest away from the front, so my luck will not be as good as yesterday. A broken sewing machine, awaiting a part..and a large pile of cut out, ready to sew hand bags and eye glass cases awaits me foe the next two weeks. Any way, I rejoiced last night to find my answers published in the crafty bastards blog questions. Check it out here. And thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday! And thanks for my BEST buddies who really made yesterday a fun event!

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