Aug 31, 2010

Black Box: Superflex...Super fantastic at the Hirshhorn

I went to the Hirshhorn Museum the other weekend and found myself memorized by this fantastic film by the Danish art collective based in Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro whose members are Jakob Fenger (b. Roskilde, 1968), Rasmus Nielsen (b. Hjørring, 1969), and Bjørnstjerne Reuter Christiansen (b. Copenhagen, 1969), titled Superflex. They has staged unconventional artworks that use social intervention as a means of calling attention to such issues as democratization, environmentalism, and consumerism. I was even blessed by having an added kid laughing quite hard through the entire film. Get down there as you rush to see the end of the Ives Klein show that closes on the 16th. of September.

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