Aug 24, 2010

"Would of, Should of, Could of"

Tomorrow is our Professional Development Day for Baltimore County Teachers , in which all us art teachers get to get together , this one day of the year. We get the whole run down of important new information, the introduction of the newbies and then a variety of teachers present workshops that teachers sign up for in advance…And yours truly gets to present my unit : "The Art of Making Evidence...A journal problem that asks how do you prove that you exist? An experiment in brain storming and thought provoking through the exploration of contemporary Art". Using the Art 21 series I've created a unit, or I like the word progressive series, for my students to learn about what is going on in art today. To find some new artist mentors that are contemporary artist. Asking Essential Questions as the catalyst to creative thought! As well as showing artist that use film, video, installation, photography and performance to make impressive statements! The more I show my students contemporary art, the more receptive they are to it. Point Blank, it is what we see when we go on our field trips and then its so amazing to see this instant click of open mindedness to the work that use to be very different before I started to teach my students abut contemporary art! Not to also mention that we are dealing with post-modern themes and content...and we are teaching and raising post modern children. Here is a little preview from one for the artist I'm highlighting for discussing the subject of romance and regret! Laurie Simmons has been one of my up most favorites for such a long time and this short segment of her work is so beautiful!

Watch the full episode. See more ART:21.

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