Jul 9, 2007

new pillows

somedays you have these amazing days in your studio when everything seems to fall into place. i started yesterday around 8AM, and this new line of pillows emerged. i wanted to take advantage of my last weekend with no distractions to get as much work done for Artscape that I possible could make...patrick will be back late Wednesday night..he has been in Whistler for the past week...the longest we have been apart. so in order for this time to past I've been coup up in the sweat shop sewing my butt off and going to the gym. finding 44 to be a pretty depressing age if you're not feeling fit...so fit is my choice. and lots of conversations with the cats..louie has learned to play catch!
so here are my new pilla's. I really love the cardinals...these feel more modern , especially on the tweed fabric.these will be on sale at Artscape!! hoping all can stop down and visit. Tricia and I will be in the Peas & Carrots booth close to the MICA store, on Dolphin Street. July 20-22, noon to 10 on friday and saturday, noon to 8 on Sunday. Lets hope there's good weather!

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