Dec 31, 2008

Happy New Year! was a good year...jennyjen made it out of Baltimore on the craft show circuit , made some excellent friends in BEST and got to ride her bike and found air and some bears in Whistler . Made some great connections with some new fabrics and designs..and got more students to art school...with my first in Parsons! Cheers to you Simone! Got to meet up with Matt Stinchcomb from Etsy and meet other crafters from other parts of the country. Best of all Obama was elected! The most I have ever been excited about a President! This year was spent in front of the TV thanks to the elections, Mad Men and the final season of The Wire. It was a rough year in terms of economics , another year of Bush and a small stink of Unemployment. But MICA saved the day for Patrick ! Life is doing A OK here on Argonne Drive. The cats are healthy and entertaining as hell. My brother is going to marry his long time girlfriend in '09! My goals for this year are to do more craft shows out of Maryland, set up a better way of tracking my sales and expenses, find some good places to sell my wares and exercise more! Find a better friend in my bike and do yoga more. Try to stop making announcements to my husband everyday, and try to keep a more organized and clean house! Make more off season so that I don't go crazy during holiday season. Maybe seek out an intern at MICA..ok that sounds good...and yeah, and find new recipes to cook.
Happy New Year Everyone. Thanks For Keeping up with me and staying in touch!

my favorite photo of this year by Tya

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