Feb 13, 2016

Music in the Baggage Claim?


We went to see Jenn Wasner played yesterday evening in one of more bizarre places : baggage claim #5 at the BWI airport.  This is another free concert series created by Towson University's radio station WTMD. Chairs were set up in front of a off section by one of the exit doors of the arrival floor. The squeaking of the belts of the bag carriers hummed in the background along with some periodic notifications over the loud speakers. The crowd was a collection of travelers and Jenn / Wye Oak fans. Perhaps the strange weather advisory and freezing cold temps may have deterred some of the fans. I was imaging a larger group, doing five bombs off the baggage carrier.  But that's my punk rock imagination. Jenn Wasner played a combination of new songs she had been working on for a solo album, a new Wye Oak song and very special covers. My favorite was one from Kate Bush's Hounds of Live album. Check out this Wye Oak cover of another Kate Bush song here:
We went to see and had a fun pretending game of let's pretend we're going on a trip to someplace warm! I'd like to know how WTMD came up with this idea, it's kinda bizarre and kinda genius at the same time. 

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