Jan 10, 2016

Wiltshire, the Middle of our Trip

Our trip was amazing. We rented a car and drove down to Chippenham to stay at a pretty awesome Airbnb that was a converted stable from an old Georgian style mansion. It was perfect for traveling around Wiltshire where we could see a couple of White Horses, Avery Circle and Stonehenge. What a magical land, even in the rain. I highly recommend the trip. 

There is a new visitor center and route to see Stonehenge. Not just stopping off on the highway anymore. We got off the bus and walked up after visiting the burrows   We actually got to catch the morning sun as well. 

This was the first white horse we saw that was a bit disappointing since it was actually concreted over. I guess the upkeep on chalk engravings is a bit daunting. 

Avery Circle and Sidbury Hill are very close to each other and be walked to, through and around. It's part of a lovely village that thankfully has a lovely pub to escape to from the rain. 

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