Feb 6, 2016

Ready to Work

On my walk to my studio/sweatshop this morning I had this brilliant idea to actual document my making routines. I've been taking a buisness for artist class at MICA and it's making me focus on the buisness side of jennyjen42, so that I can grow this to a full time career that I love! Mind you, I do love teaching, but in this day and age, I am losing steam and enthusiasm for a fast pace, let's just try this, put more and more on the teacher strategies that , let's face it , I'm getting too old for as well as out of that generation of thinking. I'll have my 30 years in before I know it and will be able to retire with benefits at the age of 54! Retire to my full time jennyjen gig. You know I like to travel, and eat well, and drink good wine periodically. I still want to do that! So here goes, I've learned that people want to hear your story. They want to know what inspires you, in hopes that it inspires them to buy from you and continue to support you .

Sweatshop story today is a simple photo documentary of my sweatshop routine in the winter time. I stole this from Mr. Rogers : 

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