Feb 8, 2016

Newness in the Shop...let's Think Spring

I have noticed this somewhat backward method of thinking that I need to make sure I have enough inventory for an upcoming craft show that I tend to not stock up my Etsy shop.  And then I wonder why I'm not selling anything on line.  I've been concentrating on making this jennyjen buisness work. I have a goal to retire and do this full time.

 I love being in my "sweatshop" and I absolutely love making! So I'm posting and using as much social media to get people to look at my wares. The "looks" are improving... Now I just need the sales to improve. 

This time of year is a slow one for any retail. The weather has been crazy snowstorms to lots of rain to a warm day here and there. So getting people to think about spring should not be too much of a challenge, so that is my goal. New spring colors and cheery birdie birds. Give a look and see what you think. 

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