Apr 27, 2008

new blog to link...great find

i've been trying to find more time to post, and not just post what i've been making....but about my inspirations and new finds. with each artist or designer i discover, i tend to refine my aesthetic more and more. i know i'm trying to connect with a period of time that i either began my aesthetic choices, or perhaps link with the best times of my life...that being the present and my childhood. strangely enough i find many connections and similarities with the two periods. i fell upon poppytalk thanks to design*sponge and discovered Canadian artists, tangiene pohoko and linh truong with a review of their show until you die, please believe that i am your biggest fan
at blim gallery in vancouver (one of my absolutely favorite places to travel too...should i mentioned i'm going back this summer!) Both artist use functional , metaphorical surfaces for their paintings that tribute their friends and family who have played as subjects in their works for many years.

(paintings on dishes, linh truong)
As poppytalks writes "tangiene has created her tribute using miniature paintings on erasers, recalling her past collected imagery which perpetually expires. linh uses dishes exploring the kitschy, iconic references of commemorative plates and collectibles."

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