Jul 19, 2008

snuck away to philly

sorry i haven't posted for a bit. Pat and I went up to Philly to hang out with our buddies Chris and Emily...as well as slim and Oscar! needed a another trip away to make my summer vacation feel long and eventful. I had a strange bout of insomnia for a week. Think my body just wanted to stay on the west coast. Its so strange having sleep problems over your vacation. it took the wonders of night quill to put me back in the regular sleep routine. here's some photos from our trip that Pat took. this weekend is artscape and I am a bit pissed at myself for not doing the diy section of artscape. I could be making some mad loot this weekend. We're making a little bit while working for MICA in their YPS booth making paper bag puppets with the kiddies and sweating up a storm.

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