Jul 9, 2008

Never too soon for Holiday shopping!

Perhaps I am still out of whack and on west coast time...sleeping till 11:30 this morning....drinking my coffee...trying to find something to blog about. I search through my etsy favorites which always take me to a new place. I find myself looking at children's toys and I'm actually thinking about Christmas gifts. I have nieces and nephews that range from 5 years old to 22. Most are in the middle school range and its getting harder to find them unique gifts that are "cool" and I approve of them. My rules are simple: must be from a small business, preferably hand made, and forces some form of creativity...if I can get them outside the better! if I can get them away from the TV stupendous! So I thought I would spend some time before the holidays featuring items and creators of gifts that fit that criteria.
This morning I found Owly Shadow Puppets! out of Chicago. Andrea uses a laser-cutter and mattboard to make these playful shadow puppets.She can even supply lesson plans on how to make shadow puppets so this gift could be accompanied with a day of making your shadow puppets! I love this ideal. My favorite is the yeti! I can only imagine the shadow puppets plays my kookie nieces and nephews will perform with these puppets! A gift that keeps on giving!

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