Nov 1, 2009

Found Mixed Tape

This weekend has been very productive in terms of me making my space. I made the living room brighter by hanging some Japanese lantern lights that I had from my previous loft living, took off the dark curtain from the front door to let in the southern light, hanged Elsy in the space that opened up by the book case that left this week, put my space light in the dinning room for more light and hanged my kitschy onion and corn hangers in the kitchen..and then today's project...finding more storage space for my sweatshop. Voila...shelving from the basement became cleaned and back board painted and more space for fabric and well, the organization job from hell....finding the cases for the Cd's so that I could give someone his music back. This seems to be a very traditional and important part of the divorce....never leave your music behind. In organizing the shelving system in the basement to bring one up to the sweatshop, I discovered the crate, box and bag of CD cases. Some had some Cd's I completely forgot about. Most were empty, but some were luckily not. I found this great CD that I made for Patrick when we were first wooing each other. I called it my dark one and I made this awesome case cover. I found it to hit the mood for me by the end of the day. My favorite song, (one which Patrick didn't really appreciate)was one that Milly and I would love to listen to in the dark on those dark days: Velvet Underground's "The Gift". I think it so appropriate for the Baltimore humor.
Here's the song list I wanted to share..I think its a great studio mixed tape:
Jane's Addiction : I Would for You
My Time
Velvet Underground: The Gift
Lady Godiva's Operation
Husker Du : Diane
Minor Threat: Salad Days
Good Guys (Don't Always Wear White)
Cashing In
Massive Attack : Karma Coma
Bauhaus: Bella Lugosi's Dead
Sonic Youth: Tunic
Bauhaus: Waiting for the Man
Nico: I'll Keep Mine
Fugazi: Long Division

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