Jan 17, 2011

The Sketchbook project

Some times we really need a creative push. The challenge of making new work that grows and shows progress as you create your line becomes a creative endeavor every year. As an art student, I had a love hate relationship with the assignments given to me by my various art professors. The hate occurred when I couldn't come up with a creative, enjoyable solution to the problem at hand. The love was accomplishing and completing the task as well as finding the many creative and artistic solutions. I decided I needed some sort of assignment to work on, to get my creative juices flowing. I found this incredible project called the Sketchbook Project. Created by the Art House Co-op out of Brooklyn New York. The Sketchbook project is open to anyone willing to take on the task and willing to pay a meager $20. The task is to fill up a moleskin sketchbook that follows a particular theme. The themes are all very creative. Some a bit challenging. I decided to let the computer pick my theme for me (you can pick a theme from the list, or have the computer gods select one for you). My theme is Jackets, blankets and sheets. I am down to my last week before I send it off. It then goes on a tour across the nation and gets catalogued and a permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library. Check out their site here for more info, other art house co-op projects as well as many of the sketchbook entries! Images are from BEST members : Tricia Lane's sketchbook Science Projects Gone Wrong , Jennifer McBrien's sketchbook: Jackets, Blankets and Sheets and Megan Van Wagoner's sketchbook : "...you'd be home by now"

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