Oct 1, 2006

Wedding Season

September begins another wedding season. Our great friends Chris and Emily have made the big jump into matrimony with a big shindig of an event. The ladies started the weekend with karaoke down at Cross Street Market...the big pick-a-me-up a rowdy college dude territory. Horrible for bad flash backs of the 80's college days. Anyway, the night was full of Emily's female friends and relatives. Many from the protest days of the feminist days, anti-Regan and banning the bomb era. Great bunch of gals singing songs like "The Age of Aquarius" and Emily's best rendition of "War, ugh! What is good for"? I don't think those college types knew what to think about us! Unfortunately I did not bring the camera but hoping maybe someone will forward me some.

The big event occurred on Sunday at the Cloister's. A beautiful setting for a beautiful event. Great group of people! Lots of dancing. I truly found my partner in the cheese ball dancing troupe! I actually married him.

Here are some great pics that cheesy dancer. Enjoy

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