Jun 21, 2006

and here's Brian

Today I got some help from my trusty side kick Patrick...that's my amazing husband.
I love the act of critique and constructive feedback
even if i start to pout and wimper
i haven't painted for a while..almost a year. i had a show at montpelier center, close to dc and i thought a good place to get some exposure
and maybe sell something
but alas
i got so depressed on that one
so i stopped painting and started sewing
that will be another time though
anyway, i surveyed my work for the past 25 years..ugh
i did a lecture on my work for a nahs induction ceremony
of my work since my first year in college
i realized how much work i have done
but best of all
how much growth i have made
so now i am painting again with clear headed-ness and lots of good feedback
this painting is Brian
a frustrated young lad ..only in my painting...not in real life..or maybe he is
anyway, this Brian is frustrated with a woman who is emotionally constricted
worst senario, is that Brian also has the same defect.. again this is in my painting..not is real life!

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