Aug 27, 2006

The Good Old Days

Tomorrow is the big day. The beginning of another school year. I am excited to see what new students I will have to deal with and mold. Last week was a week of meetings and schedule hell. Tomorrow will also be the same schedule hell. But I am optimistic and know that all will smooth itself out. This weekend was great! Started it out by going to see Little Miss Sunshine! An absolute must see. The characters are exactly what you want them to be. Strange and quirky and very realistic in a strange sort of way. Steve Carell is probably what I’d imagine him to be in true life. Sometimes his character in the Office is so obnoxious I like seeing him in movies like this one. I must get out and see and then own when it comes out on DVD.
The weekend continued with massive house cleaning and a party in Roland Park. With people I don’t know. Friends of a friend sort of party. Ran into someone I met not too long ago. In conversation we realized we have been to the same places and know a lot of the same people. Its more reunions with people from the Baltimore Punk Rock era of the 80’s. Oh yeah..a big treat, I also ran into another person, Patty from Marble Bar days at the freshman orientation at Parkville. Looks like I will be teaching her son. I loved the fact that her Husband Pierre remembered me as the girl who drove the Yugo! Yes that was me! I had it for about 10 months before someone hit me in the rear and totaled the car.
I wanted to post pics of my paintings in their finished state but my battery died. Maybe tomorrow. So I decided to post pictures from the very early 80’s. That’s Missy and I in the stairwell at the Marble Bar. My Mohawk was growing out..How Punk Rock? . Milly and I are on the Bridge on Maryland Avenue right around the corner from the Club Chuck. And then that’s Billy Stevenson jumping his skateboard off of my 1971 Dodge Dart! That’s on Charles Street on the Bridge by Penn Station. You used to be able to park on it back then. Anyway, these are more than 20 years old. Enjoy


Anonymous said...

I was in that B-more hardcore scene too! I lived in the Mobtown House after Bill Stevenson and his crew got kicked out. I was trying to find some old Marble Bar or The Loft flyers and stumbled on your site. Great art and stuff.
Tell Patti and Pierre that Kevin from Monkeyspank says Hi.

jennyjen said...

hey Kevin
I lived with Strazz and Sheri on 27th. then...JEn...mike Malley's girlfriend?
Patti saids hi!