Nov 20, 2006

“I never counted the feathers in the wings. . . . I just count the wings.”

Charles Harper is an illustrator that I have fallen in love with. I feel like I have known his work all of my life and yet I just discovered him. Thanks to a resurgent of his work, DWELL magazine did a great interview with him on their site.
l plus Todd Oldhams’s set of resin trays with ladybugs (a featured item that most home magazine’s are featuring this month, designed for la-z-boy) that were inspired by Charles Harper. His work takes me back to the illustrations of the 60’s and 70’s. He makes a great statement about how his work progressed into his graphic

Style Yes. I started realizing that in order to get a whole bunch of stuff on a piece of paper, you had to simplify it. So a Rocky Mountain or something like that, you couldn’t fit everything in, but you could get the impression by flattening it out. That appealed to me. “

Here are a few of my favorites. Also check out the illustrations from the original Betty Crocker's Dinner for Two (1958) recipe book as well as The Golden Book of Biology (1962)

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