Nov 20, 2006

with my apologies...

Sorry all. I feel like I have become a walking salesman. All these posts for my wares to buy. Yes, it would be nice if I could actually figure out how to sell what I produce. I’m feeling like van Gogh…not a single sale from the show at Salt. I guess people don’t want paintings of apathetic teenagers on their walls. If only I could be happy painting landscapes and paintings of people’s pets! Anyway, the Mill Center Craft Show was a bust. Too much football competition? Plus a horrible detour..blocked road in front of the Mill didn't help.Thank God for my buddy Tricia, or we would have been bored out of our skulls. Didn’t do too well. Not a big crowd. So here is my last post for a while about my stuff. Email me if you are interested in purchasing any tote bags, aprons, cards, etc. I made a card set of my past series of paintings. $10 for 8 cards.
Anyway here I am and my set up.

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