May 9, 2007

cool dig at SCAD

Found some excellent finds on SCAD on line. Found amazing pillows that are inspiring me to work in my sweatshop this weekend. Amelia Allen's Love Me. Love Me Not Pillow is such a girlie girl pillow, you can check it out here, Pamela Wiley 's Sew forth and sew on 's this site, silk pillows by Paige Hathaway Thorn are here, and Circle Pillows by Working Class Studio are here one of my little lovelies, mr. dan is going to SCAD next year as a Parkville High graduate. i've only heard amazing things about that school.


marco said...
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marco said...

Looks like great artwork on your website. What I was wondering. I used to wright letters with an american pen-pall. I'm from the netherlands. Here name is Tricia Lane. It must be about 20 years ago.
It could be that this is the Tricia lane noted on your website, It would be funny to see if its realy here after all these years. Perjaps you can contact here for me??? She used to live in Baltimore.

Thanks in advance,

Marco Brakkee The Netherlands