Jan 15, 2008

B-more etsy group is forming and dia-loggng like a mofo

so i'm trying out a new thing for me..calling reaching out to others I have much in common in some ways, but have no idea of who they are...at least for right now. Danamarie of knitamalsand my partner tricia and I have been conversing back and forth about the b-more craft scene and how it feels like being in a punk rock band again...trying to see who is cool to see and not See...who to support and who to rag on. well....its come to that in the trendy diy scene of b-more. perhaps its a trait of creative people in smaltimore ..ok i'm rambling. So a group of etsy-ers from Baltimore have met and become a Google group . I missed the first meeting but am looking quite anxiously to connect written words with personalities and faces. So far I have to say, everyone has been very positive and professional and extremely supportive. It looks like many are not from Baltimore, so perhaps they have been sent down by the angels to say us nit witty competitive crafters to make this scene right! since being in this discussion group, i've been in two Treasuries on etsy, even made it to the front page!

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Curious D said...

I'm really excited about the group, seeing as how I'm new to the city and to the communal craft scene. And you were in a punk rock band?!!? Awesome!