Jan 6, 2008

Happy New Year

its been a bit of time since last posted. i must say it been a great year for jennyjen. i have been amazed by the amount of support and sales i've made this year. i'm getting ready to go back into the sweat shop and make new designs for the spring. i have some ideas for joining the birdy birds with the aprons. still in the sketchbook stage. been working on clutter freeing the house and getting life more organized with some sort of plans on how to attack 2008! i've applied to be an ap reader so that i can get into the know of how those tests are scored. its philadelphia over the MLK weekend for an AP workshop and time to spend with Chris and Emily..always a great time. AP means Advance Placement,,,the class I teach that counts towards college credit. it is what drives my whole teaching mentality.
anyway, i've been posting left over goods from the Xmas shows. Currently eye glass cases which are great Valentine presents!

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