Feb 8, 2008

screech owl design

happy friday from a very long week to a busy busy weekend. tomorrow pat and i begin our first teaching adventure together teaching a graphic design class to middle school kids at MICA. i'm so excited! i love pat's ideas for incorporating package design with the brains of middle school kids. we're going to lead them into making actual packaging! they's make their own businesses with logo, packaging and merchandizing..we'll see how far we can go in only 10 classes.i'll keep you posted.
on the design side of things, i looked on design*sponge this evening to find some new inspirations and there they were...box card sets by screech owl design.i love the combo of bird with furniture and retro objects...anyone who wants to personify these little creatures is a buddy of mine!

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"Cupcake" said...

ooh that sounds fun, when r you at mica....? I can show you how to ss on fabric!