Mar 28, 2008

Charley Harper just bought!

we're back from sunny Cozumel to shipping out products sold while on vacation!!! now that's the life! with a little cash in my pocket I decided to check in on my wanted find.. Todd Oldman's book: Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life
....and there it was on amazon for only $126! this is a $200 gem filled with just about everything the man has ever created! I have visited the one copy that has definitely been abused at the Towsontown's Anthropology store. At first I wasn't very impressed with the print job. Matt pages do not do vivid colors justice..but I read some other reviews and someone wrote about it being just like the pages that were printed in the 60's. And I have to agree that that is the exact feeling I get form the illustrations themselves so it makes sense for them to be printed in the same quality. the book is of course out of stock, so I have to be patience and wait till my gem arrives!

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