May 8, 2008

Hugo secret inspiration

The other day one of my students asked me” how many shirts can one person wear at one time?” these are the questions that I absolutely love..having no reason, really to be asked, but asked, probably to answer some sort of stupid bet…..or not. I passed it along to my wondering mind that directly focused my attention to the 8X10 club, some time in the late 80’s, watching, no the word is memorized by a band named Hugo Largo. An experience I have not since experienced. Frightening yet very soothing. A very petite Mimi Goese intensely sings

bleeding cry leisurely
explain this one in your sleep
fly by arriving smack dab between knife and plate
deal with me

pine back and plead with me
cry while removing splattered ??? on a fingernail

with glee dark carriages pull
an angry man
hi jungle jim….

While aiming an extremely large knife towards her jugular
Behind her two bass players, an electric violinist
That’s it
No drummer
No guitar

Oh yeah…the shirt question

As she began each song, she took a dress off

That’s right, she had a dress for each song on

Tonight I am so happy to report that I was able to purchase Mettle, from itunes….never did I think that would happen. I know Millie and I had figured out some sort of way to make a CD of my vinyl and her cassette tape that had not taken priority over other lifetime matters.

I listened to both of their CDs…(Mettle and Drum. Parts produced by Michael Stipe) in my studio, while working on numerous paintings, while involved in many a relationship. Tonight I listen while making peacock tote bags…craving for the smell of oil paint. I’m so sorry painting that I have not returned yet….but how sweet to reminisce.

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