May 30, 2008

A night to Remember....making McB proud

Last night was the reception for the Senior Show for Baltimore County Schools. This is the big show where all the high schools get to put their best work from their seniors and juniors into this show. It's at Goucher college's Rosenberg Gallery. Its a really BIG DEAL for us art teachers and art students. Awards are awarded...accolades are exclaimed and it really does a great job of patting us art people in the back and say"you've done a good job...because look how amazing your students have grown. WE, at Parkville High, RULED last night. I mean RULED! Everybody showed up...that includes my awesome staff of art teachers and ALL of the students showed up. And boy did they look GREAT! I will Absolutely miss these kids..except for Justin C...he has another year with my insane-ness to put up with. Here they are by their works with the awards they received. I am so proud!

Simone Norman…Best Sculpture in Show

Justin Terry Best Photograph in Show, Honorable Mention and Selection from Azarael Gann & Franz, Attorney at Law

Justin Caruso , People’s Choice Award, Selection into Azarael Gann & Franz, Attorney at Law Art Show.

Isaac Aladeseyi, Honorable Mention from Crayola Award

Nina Koduah...looking so pretty


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