Jun 11, 2008

CCCM Given BEST some thumbs up

Check out Indie Fixx blog on a great interview with the Charm City Craft Mafia guys
I love reading about why crafter's...diy'ers do what they do. Discovering how grounded everyone seems to be in this movement. One of the most positive art movements in this city as long as I have been here. I'm feeling like many in my 40 somthing generation are still so f@*ked up being raised at the end of the baby boomer generation. I still think we need to get permission to live the life we want...you know, the life of being happy and finding the career that makes us the happiest, not just the responsible one that pays the bills. We didn't quite feel worthy enough to find that both can be true. I'm not knocking my generation, just feeling like we need to thank the generation X and even a bit of the millennial generation for doing what makes us feel like us. We need to kick June and Ward Cleaver in the ass and simply figure out a way to do what makes us feel like us and learn how to make a living doing so. ..ok, enough ranting. Check out the interview....and the list of what makes Baltimore cool!

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